KLARUS CL2 Pro 14000mAh Camping Lantern

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The KLARUS CL2 Pro 14000mAh Camping Lantern is a versatile and powerful lighting solution designed to enhance your camping experience. Packed with innovative features, this lantern provides a reliable source of illumination with a focus on convenience, versatility, and user-friendly design.

One of the standout features of the CL2 Pro is its 90° foldable light bulbs. With a maximum brightness of 750 lumens, this lantern boasts four pieces of 90° adjustable angle light bulbs. This unique design allows you to change the direction of the light at will, preventing direct glare into your eyes and avoiding disturbing others in the camping area. The expandable/collapsible bulbs add to the flexibility of the lantern, making it easy to hang inside a tent or place on a table.

The camping lantern offers an impressive range of 8 light modes to suit various situations. From White Cool Light in high intensity to White Warm Light in different brightness levels (High, Medium, Low), Torch Light, SOS, Red Light, and Red Flashing, the CL2 Pro caters to diverse lighting needs. The warm lights with adjustable brightness levels provide a comfortable and eye-protective illumination, preventing eye fatigue during extended use.

Equipped with a large-capacity 14000mAh rechargeable battery, the CL2 Pro ensures extended usage and convenience. Not only does it function as a reliable light source, but it can also serve as a power bank to boost a dead phone, keeping you connected and safe in outdoor settings. The lantern is rated to last up to an impressive 80 hours, providing long-lasting performance for extended camping trips.

Designed for practicality and portability, the CL2 Pro comes in a high-quality paper box with exquisite packaging, making it an ideal gift for camping enthusiasts. The lantern's foldable design prevents unnecessary light interference, and the flicker-free, natural, and comfortable light source further enhances the user experience, ensuring that your eyes remain fatigue-free.

The lantern's specifications include a dimension of 222mm x 56mm x 56mm, and it features both Cold White and Warm White LED options. The output of 750 lumens ensures ample brightness for various camping activities. The lantern operates within a voltage range of 2.8-4.2V and charges at 5V/2A. With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the CL2 Pro is built to withstand outdoor elements, providing reliability even in challenging weather conditions.

Weighing 435g, this camping lantern is lightweight and easy to carry. The package includes essential accessories such as a pouch for convenient storage, a carabiner for versatile hanging options, a charging cable for easy recharging, a manual for guidance, and a C-L adapter to enhance compatibility.

In conclusion, the KLARUS CL2 Pro 14000mAh Camping Lantern stands out as a feature-rich and dependable lighting solution for camping enthusiasts. Its innovative design, versatile light modes, rechargeable capabilities, and thoughtful accessories make it an essential companion for your outdoor adventures. Whether used inside a tent, on a camping table, or as a thoughtful gift, the CL2 Pro offers a combination of practicality and performance that enhances the overall camping experience.

Dimension 222mm x 56mm x 56mm
LED Cold White/ Warm White
Output 750 Lumens
Voltage 2.8-4.2  V
Charging  5V/2A
Waterproof Rating IPX5
Battery 14000 mAh
Wight Warranty 435g
Warranty 1 Year

Packaging List

Camping Light



Charging Cable


C-L Adapter