Klarus EC20 1100lm EDC Flashlight

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The Klarus EC20 is a torch in the 21700 format capable of reaching the highest level of 1100 lumens.The Klarus EC20 is equipped with a luminus SST-20 LED with a duration of 50,000 hours. The user interface is very simple and has three normal brightness levels and one flashing level. The output levels are divided as follows: We have a low level of 10 lumens with a runtime of 160 hours and a maximum reachable distance of 15 m or 56 candles, a medium level of 300 lumens able to keep the torch on for 6.5 hours with a maximum reachable distance of 100 m and 2500 candelas, it is a high output level of 1100 lumens with a runtime of 3.5 hours and a maximum reachable distance of 200 m or 10,000 candelas. The ESOS output level instead is 300 lumens.The torch is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a beautiful glossy anodization with anti-abrasive type III finish. The flashlight is water resistant according to the ipx 8 standard while it resists drops up to 1 m in height.


The Klarus EC20 is powered by a single rechargeable lithium ion cell. A 4000mAh 21700 cell is included in the package. The body of the torch is made with an anti Rolling profile. On the head there are dissipation fins to dissipate the heat produced when using the flashlight at high levels. the tail can be unscrewed to access the battery compartment. Near the head there is the Type C charging interface. It is well protected by a thick rubber cap that prevents dirt and water from penetrating inside. The switch is located in the tail slightly recessed but easily activated It is rubberized, dotted and allows you to turn the torch on and off to cycle the different output levels. While the flashlight is on, a single click will turn off the light if there is no operation within three seconds. But when the light is on, a single click on the switch allows you to vary the levels according to the high, medium, low order. To access the strobe function, you need to double click. sos mode.Among the main features of this flashlight there is also that it can be used as a normal power bank. In fact, the type-c charging interface with which the flashlight is equipped can also be used in charge mode to charge any type of electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, drones, speakers etc. Given the compact size it is particularly convenient to be carried always with you, for example inside the pocket of a jeans, inside a bag, inside a pouch or backpack

The Klarus EC20 is the perfect flashlight for everyday use as an edc. Its beam is ideal for different types of scenarios. The presence of a bidirectional Type charging port makes this flashlight very useful and very simple to use.

Category High Medium LOW SOS
Output (LM) 1100 300 10 300
Runtime (h) 4000mAh 21700 Lithium Battery 3.5 6.5 160  
Candela(cd) 10000 2500 56  
Range (m) 200 100 15  
Drop Resistance (m) 1m
Waterproof Rating IPX8
Output: 1100lm
Working Voltage: 2.8-4.2V
Charging Current: 5V/2A
Battery: 1 x 21700
Waterproof Rating: IPX8
Weight: 150g ( Including battery )
Warranty: 1 year