KLARUS HM3 Super Lightweight Multifunction Headlamp

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The KLARUS HM3 Super Lightweight Multifunction Headlamp is a beacon of innovation and practicality in the world of portable lighting. Weighing in at an astonishingly light 27 grams, this headlamp defies expectations and redefines what's possible in terms of wearability and convenience. It's a shining example of how modern technology and design can be harnessed to create an incredibly useful and versatile tool for various outdoor activities and emergency situations.One of the standout features of the KLARUS HM3 is its remarkable lightweight design. At only 27 grams, it's even more featherweight than you can imagine. You can wear it for extended periods without experiencing any fatigue, and it doesn't weigh you down. This ultra-light construction makes it ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, ensuring that you can explore, hike, camp, or mountaineer without discomfort or strain. It's an essential companion for those who require both hands for tasks while still needing reliable illumination. Despite its minimal weight, the KLARUS HM3 doesn't compromise on performance. It delivers an impressive 670-lumen beam, providing substantial brightness for various scenarios. Whether you're hiking, camping, mountaineering, or embarking on any wilderness adventure, this headlamp is up to the task. It offers four distinct lighting modes to cater to your specific needs. This versatility is invaluable when adapting to different outdoor environments or situations where lighting is essential.In the outdoors, safety is paramount, and being prepared for emergencies is crucial. The KLARUS HM3 is equipped with a red flashing mode that can be activated with a simple double click. This mode serves as an effective signaling tool during any outdoor emergency, ensuring that you can alert others to your location or situation. It's a feature that provides peace of mind and enhances safety during your wilderness adventures.The KLARUS HM3's innovative clip design takes this headlamp beyond the realm of traditional headlamps. It offers full 180-degree angle adjustment, allowing you to use it not only as a headlamp but also as a visor light, backpack light, or anywhere else where you need a reliable source of illumination. This adaptability and flexibility are what make the KLARUS HM3 stand out from the crowd. It's a multifunctional lighting tool that can serve you in various ways during your outdoor excursions.Simplicity and ease of use are key attributes of the KLARUS HM3. It has moved away from complicated user interfaces and incorporated its controls into a single button. This intuitive control scheme ensures that you can effortlessly navigate through its lighting modes and features. It's a practical and user-friendly headlamp that simplifies the outdoor experience.The KLARUS HM3 Super Lightweight Multifunction Headlamp is a true marvel of modern lighting technology. Its astonishingly lightweight design, powerful beam, red flashing mode, innovative clip design, and user-friendly interface make it a headlamp that can adapt to various scenarios and meet your specific needs. This headlamp ensures that you can explore the great outdoors with a reliable source of illumination without the burden of excessive weight. Whether you're on a camping trip, hiking in the wilderness, or simply need an emergency signaling tool, the KLARUS HM3 is there to light the way. Its compact size, versatility, and exceptional performance are a testament to its exceptional design and utility.

project       model Turbo High Medium Low Red
Output  (Lumen) 670 300 170 40 /
Runtime (Hr.) 35m 1h20m 2h20m 5h /
Candela(Cdl) 2000 1000 600 350 /
Beam Distance(M.) 90 63 50 37 /
Drop Resistance (M.) 1
Waterproof Rating IPX5
Dimension  41.4mmx34.8mmx32.4mm
Bead model 6500-7500K 
Optical flux  670lm(lumen)
Voltage 2.8-4.2V 
Recharging current  5V /0.5A
Waterproof Rating IPX5 
Capacity  200mAh
Weight 27.3g (Excluding headlight zone) 
Warranty  1year