Klarus XT11GT Pro V2.0 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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The Klarus XT11GT Pro V2.0 is a 3300 lumens tactical flashlight designed specifically for law enforcement, self defense, exploration, search, camping and tactical operations. Its dimensions are 139.7 mm in length, 25.4 mm in body diameter and 35 mm in head diameter. The weight is 121.1 grams excluding the battery. This flashlight can be powered by a single ion battery. rechargeable lithium model 18650, but alternatively it can also be used with two non-refillable CR123A gels. The package includes everything you need to start using the flashlight right away, in fact, inside the box we have the flashlight, a charging cable, the belt clip, a spare o-ring, the battery, the holster in nylon, the wrist strap and the user manual. There are six possible output levels, including strobe and SOS level. Depending on the type of battery used, the outputs Iran, Time and the maximum distance reached will vary. For example, when we use a 18650 i cell as a power source. output levels will be as follows: Turbo of 3300 lumens with a runtime of 1.8 hours and a maximum luminous intensity of 29,440 candelas and maximum distance reached of 410 m, Alto of 1200 lumens with four hours of runtime, maximum luminous intensity of 10,400 candelas and maximum distance reached 240 m, Medium of 200 lumens with 12 hours of runtime and maximum light intensity of 1940 candles corresponding to 100 m of distance, Low of 10 lumens with 120 hours of runtime 64 candles and 20 m of distance, Strobo of 3300 lumens and four hours of runtime and finally 200 lumens SOS and 32 hours of runtime. When the flashlight is powered by two CR123A batteries, the turbo and the SOS flashing model will not be available. In this case the possible output levels are the High level of 1200 lumens with a runtime of one hour, the medium level of 400 lumens with 1.5 hours of runtime, the Low level with 60 lumens 16 hours of runtime and the stroboscopic level with 1200 lumens and 2 hours of runtime. The user interface has two different modes, tactical and outdoor. To switch from tactical to outdoor mode, just when the light is off, click and hold the switch mode for 5 seconds. When the indicator flashes red / green, then just click the primary switch without releasing the mod switch. In tactical mode, clicking the primary switch will turn on the flashlight directly on the turbo, that is, while clicking on the mod switch will directly enter the strobe. To change the output level just press the mode switch to cycle the levels according to the turbo, high, medium and low order. In outdoor mode, on the other hand, a single click on the primary switch will turn on the light on the turbo level, but a click on the mod switch will directly enter the low level. is on to vary the levels according to the turbo high order, medium low.