KLARUS XT21C Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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The KLARUS XT21C is an extremely powerful and performing tactical flashlight in the 21700 format. It is equipped with the powerful and performing Luminus SST70 LED and is capable of delivering a beam with a maximum output of 3200 lumens per Turbo. Despite the power, its dimensions are extremely compact in fact it is 146.5 mm long, 35 mm wide and 25.4 mm high. The weight instead is 109.8 grams excluding battery. The water resistance is no need to say according to the IPX-8 standard while it was essential to falls and given up to 1.5 m in height. The package includes everything you need to be able to start using the flashlight right away, in fact we have the flashlight a 21.700 model battery of 5000 milliamps now, a charging cable, a nylon holster, a belt or pocket clip, the wrist, a spare o-ring, the user and maintenance manual and the warranty card. The user interface is very simple, easy to remember and use.

This flashlight is equipped with two switches in the queue that allow you to interact with the interface and allow you to use the two different modes provided "tactical setting" and "'outdoor setting".

To switch from one mode to another or to switch from tactical to outdoor or vice versa, when the flashlight is off, press and hold the tail mode switch for 5 seconds and when the indicator starts flashing red and green press the main switch without releasing the mode switch. In tactical mode the flashlight works as follows: Press the main switch to turn on the light (default High level) and press again to turn it off. When the light is on, a single click on the mod switch will allow you to enter strobe mode, press and hold the switch for another two seconds to lock the strobe mode. To vary the light intensity just press the mode switch to scroll the levels in this order: high, medium, low, moonlight. Press and hold the switch for two seconds to enter the strobe level. In outdoor mode, however, the flashlight works as follows: Press the main switch to turn on the light (High level by default) and press again to turn it off. Press the mode switch to turn on the flashlight on the Moon level and press again for one second to lock the Moon level. To change the brightness levels just press the mode switch. The levels will scroll in the order Moon from 5 lumens low by 1000 lumens medium by 400 lumens high by 3200 lumens. Press and hold the mod switch for three seconds to enter SOS mode. The threads of the light are anodized therefore it is possible to mechanically lock the interface simply by slightly unscrewing the tail cap. The flashlight also has a battery charge indicator. After the flashlight has been turned on, the status indicator will light green for 5 seconds to indicate that the remaining capacity is between 70% and 100%, orange to indicate that the remaining capacity is between 30% and 70%, in red to indicate that the capacity is less than 30% while a flashing red to indicate that the capacity is less than 10%.