Klarus XT21X PRO Tactical Flashlight

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The Klarus XT21X PRO is an extremely powerful tactical flashlight, in fact its maximum output is 4400 lumens when it is turned on at the Turbo and its maximum reachable distance is 336 meters. This flashlight is powered by a single 21700 cell supplied with a capacity of 5000mAh and which ensures a high runtime. This flashlight is equipped with a single LED well centered within a deep parabola with orange peel treatment. Among its main features, the Klarus XT21X PRO also has that of acting as a power bank: in fact its Type-C charging port is bidirectional and allows you to charge any type of USB device such as smartphone, tablet etc. The fifth generation tail switch allows you to interact with the two different modes of use: tactical and outdoor. The tactical mode allows you to access the Strobo directly by pressing the Mode Switch, while by pressing the Main Switch you can access the Turbo directly. To change the brightness levels, you can click on the Mode switch and scroll through the levels as follows: Turbo, HIGH, Medium, Low, Moonlight. In Outdoor mode, on the other hand, the Mode Switch gives immediate access to the Low level while the Main Switch allows access to the stored level. The interface management switch is on the side. It has a small status LED inside that informs the user about the amount of remaining battery charge. In addition to this, it returns information on the charging process and lights up red during the charging phase or green when charging is complete. finished. The new generation temperature control system protects the LED and the internal parts of the flashlight. This flashlight also has six levels of protection and is guaranteed for up to 5 years. There is protection against overheating, protection against overcharging of the battery, protection against shocks, protection against incorrect insertion of the battery and therefore against reverse polarity, protection against over charging and protection against over voltage. The head of the flashlight has deep dissipation fins that allow you to manage the heat produced by the LED when it is used on high levels.The charging port is protected by a rubber cap that prevents dirt and water from penetrating it. internal.Vo Threads are used, so physical lockout of the interface is possible by simply unscrewing the tail cap slightly. The Bezel is crenulated and effectively protects the lens from impact and can also be used as a glass breaker in emergency situations. The output levels are 7, including the strobe, the SOS. The output levels are divided as follows: There is a turbo of 4400 lumens and 2.5 hours of runtime, High of 1500 lumens and 4 hours of runtime, Medium of 400 lumens and 9 hours of runtime, Low of 100 lumens and 30 hours of runtime, Moon from 5 lumens and 200 hours of runtime and a strobe from 4400 lumens and 5 hours of autonomy and an SOS from 100 lumens and 65 hours of autonomy. The dimensions are 163 mm in length, 41 mm in head diameter and 29.2 mm in body diameter.