Lumintop EDC15 EDC Flashlight

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Small, light and powerful: these are the main features of the Lumintop EDC15. An AA size flashlight capable of producing a light beam of over 760 lumens at its highest output level. The Lumintop EDC15 mounts inside a latest generation Osram GW PUSRA1.PM LED with a duration of 50000 hours and thanks to the particular lens with bead surface it creates a soft and balanced beam without any artifact and able to illuminate well up to a distance maximum of 200 meters. The maximum runtime using the lowest output level is 80 hours.

The Lumintop EDC15 can be powered by a single 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion cell but it is always possible to use 1.5 primary alkaline cells or rechargeable Ni-Mh rechargeable cells in the classic AA format. You can take this flashlight anywhere with you and you will not have to worry about having to charge the lithium battery because if necessary you can also use the non-rechargeable ones that can be purchased in any shop or supermarket.

Its extremely compact size and weight make it a perfect EDC flashlight to always be kept within reach. In fact, putting the Lumintop EDC15 in your pocket does not cause any discomfort and you forget you have it.

The management of the interface is done through a rotation of the head which acts as a switch and a level reader. In fact, there is no electronic button to press, just rotate the head.

The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy, on the head there is an abundant knurling that facilitates and improves the grip of the part that will be rotated to turn the torch on or off, while the central part of the body has a series of deep and expressed millings which in addition to being particularly attractive from an aesthetic point of view allow you to always have a firm and safe grip even when wearing gloves or having wet or damp hands. Water resistance is given by the IP68 standard which makes this flashlight submersible up to 2 meters deep. The Lumintop EDC15 is also impact resistant up to a height of 1.5 meters.

The tail is flat so the torch can also be used effectively in tailstanding as if it were a candle. It can therefore be placed on the tail and used as a light point. The dimensions are 73.5 mm x 18.5 mm while the weight is just 20.5 grams excluding battery.

The output levels are 4 including the Turbo and a special Strobo output level and vary according to the battery used: in fact we have a Low level of 8 lumens if 14500 cells are used, 2 lumens with alkaline and Ni-MH batteries with a duration respectively 50, 65 3 80 hours. Then there is a Medium level of 130/20/20 lumens (14500 / Alkaline / Ni-MH), a High level of 450/150/130 lumens (14500 / Alkaline / Ni-MH), and the Turbo of 760/280 / 320 lumens (14500 / Alkaline / Ni-MH). The strobe instead has an output of 450/150/130 lumens (14500 / Alkaline / Ni-MH). Its use is very simple: just rotate the head to turn the light on or off, or quickly rotate the head to vary the brightness level. To turn on the STrobo, on the other hand, simply rotate the head continuously for 6 continuous times.


ANSI/NEMA FL1   Low Med High Turbo Strobe
Output 14500 8 LM 130 LM 450 LM 760 LM 450 LM
Alkaline 2 LM 20 LM 150 LM 280 LM 150 LM
Ni-MH 2 LM 20 LM 130 LM 320 LM 130 LM
Runtime 14500 50h 4h 10m 58m 5m+1h 5min /
Alkaline 65h 9h 37m 50m 20m /
Ni-MH 80h 16h 2h 28m 1h 5m /
Distance 70m (Max)
Intensity 1235cd (Max)
Impact Resistant 1.5m
Waterproof IP68 (underwater 2m)
Light source OSRAM LED
Power 8W
Battery 1 X 14500/ AA
Size 73.5*18.5mm
Nei Weight 20.5g (battery excluded)