Lumintop GT Mini USB-C Rechargeable 21700 LED Flashlight

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ANSI/NEMA FL1 Moonlight Low Med High Turbo Strobe/ SOS/Beacon
Output 1.5LM 80LM 350LM 1000LM 1600LM 1000LM
Runtime 24D 20H 4H 3M+2H 45M 2M+2H 40M /
Distance 100M (Max)
Intensity 250000cd (Max)
Impact Resistant 1m
Waterproof IPX8, underwater 2m
Light Source Luminus SFT40 LED
Power 20W (Max)
Battery 1 X 21700 Li-ion, max length 72mm (excluded)
Size 55.5*29*150mm
Net Weight ~210g (battery excluded)
Notice: The above approximate data are lab-tested by using a 21700 Li-ion battery, it may vary due to the difference of environment and batteries. The runtime on turbo is accumulated due to over-heat protection.

Operation Instruction
General mode: Low, Med, High (with mode memory function)
Hidden mode: Moonlight, Turbo, Strobe, SOS, Beacon
  1. ON/ OFF: One click of the switch
  2. Output change: From ON, press and hold the switch to ramp the outputs, and release the button to select the output.
  3. Turbo: 2 quick clicks of the switch.
  4. Strobe/SOS/Beacon: 3 clicks the switch to enter Strobe, and another 3 clicks to change the blinking modes (Strobe- SOS-Beacon).
  5. Moonlight: Press and hold the switch from OFF.
  6. Lock-out/ Unlock: 4 clicks the switch from OFF. Momentary Low is available when pressing the switch. Another 4 clicks or loosen the threads and cut off the electricity to unlock the flashlight.
  7. Switch back-lit light ON/ OFF: 5 clicks the switch from OFF
  8. Battery check: Continuously 7 clicks from OFF. E.g., 3.8V is indicated as the flashlight blinking 3 times, then another 8 blinks, etc.
Package Include
Charging cable

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