Lumintop GT Nano Rechargeable Flashlight

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GT Nano is a super tiny yet ultra-throw mini keychain flashlight. With a length of 54mm and 18g in weight, this tiny flashlight can burst into a max of up to 450 lumens output

The Lumintop GT Nano is a very small shooting torch, very light and extremely compact. it is equipped with a parabola, wide and deep if compared to the total size of the body which allows it to have a very directive beam and able to reach great distances. The Lumintop GT Nano is equipped with the powerful and performing Osram NM1 LED capable of delivering the Turbo 450 lumens when the torch is powered by a 10180 cell and 730 lumens when the torch is powered by a 10440 cell. of power supplies is 306m with 10180 battery with luminous intensity, maximum equal to 23400 candles and 370 m corresponding to 34225 candles with 10440 battery. occurrence can also be powered by a single cell 10440 excluded by exploiting the extension tube.

The lens of the Lumintop GT nano is made of mineral glass and is ultra-transparent and with anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment. The body is made entirely of aluminum and guarantees perfect resistance to wear and scratches. The waterproofing is given by the IPX-8 standard. This means that the flashlight is submersible up to 2 meters deep even though it is not a diving flashlight.

The switch is lateral, electronic and rubberized. It protrudes slightly and is easy to activate. Near the switch there are a series of dissipation fins that disperse the heat produced by the flashlight when the Turbo is turned on. The dimensions of the Lumintop GT mini are really extremely small: in fact they are 54 mm x 24 mm x 14 mm while the weight is just 18 g including the battery.

The battery is recharged using a small adapter that is screwed onto the body of the flashlight instead of the head and using a classic USB-C cable. On the charger there is also a nice status LED that lights up red during the charging phase or green when charging is complete. It can be used as a light point.

The small Lumintop GT Nano is a perfect flashlight for everyday use. It fits perfectly inside a bunch of keys and given its weight it is very convenient to always carry with you. When you put it in your pocket you forget you have it, but it is always there ready to be used. Its great power at the Turbo allows you to illuminate at a great distance. The user interface is very simple to use. The output levels are 5 divided as follows: Moonlight from 1.5 lumens, Low from 30 lumens, Med from 170 lumens, High from 365blumens and Turbo from 450 lumens. protects the flashlight from incorrect battery insertion, the overheating protection that automatically decreases the output when the temperature exceeds the critical heat threshold and the Low Voltage Protection that automatically decreases the output or turns off the light when the battery reaches certain voltage values.


ANSI/NEMA FL1 Moonlight Low Med High Turbo
Output 10180 1.5 Lumens 30 Lumens 170 Lumens 365 Lumens 450 Lumens
10440 1.5 Lumens 45 Lumens 260 Lumens 550 Lumens 730 Lumens
Runtime 10180 5h 55min 1h 25min 26min 40S+25min 20S+22min
10440 24h 20min 3h 45min 40S+42min 20S+40min
Distance 10180: 306m (Max) / 10440: 370m (Max)
Intensity 10180: 23400cd (Max) / 10440: 34225cd (Max)
Impact Resistant 1.5m
Waterproof IPX-8, underwater 2m
Light Source Osram NM1 LED
Battery 1 X 10180 / 10440 Li-ion (A long tube is required when using the 10440 Li-ion battery, the tube and battery are sold separately.)
Power 7.8W (Max)
Size 54*24*14mm
Net Weight 18g