Lumintop GT3 18000 Lumens Outdoor Search Flashlight

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The Lumintop GT3 is a powerful flashlight, engineered to deliver unmatched performance and brightness for even the most demanding situations. Armed with three 12V Cree XHP70.2 High-Intensity emitters, this flashlight boasts an astonishing maximum output of over 18,000 lumens, making it a true beacon of illumination. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, on a search and rescue mission, or simply in need of a reliable lighting companion, the GT3 has got you covered.

One of the standout features of the Lumintop GT3 is its incredible throw distance. With an intensity of over 131,250 candela and ANSI throw of more than 725 meters, this flashlight can cut through the darkness like no other. Its impressive throw distance ensures that even far-off objects are brought into clear view, providing you with unmatched visibility in the darkest of environments.

The GT3 is equipped with Lumintop's renowned Andúril firmware, which offers a smooth ramping user interface. With instant access to a powerful turbo mode, you can effortlessly unleash the full potential of this flashlight with a simple click. Mode settings are also provided, allowing you to customize the output to suit your specific needs.

To power this beast, the GT3 requires four 18650 cells, which are not included in the package. It is recommended to use unprotected cells for optimal performance. The flashlight is driven by a 12V Texas Avenger V2 driver, ensuring stable and efficient performance.

The Lumintop GT3 is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its body is crafted from durable aluminum with Type III hard-coat anodizing, available in Black, Pink, and Sand color options. The 62mm aluminum reflector with a smooth finish enhances the beam's focus and ensures a powerful throw.

The GT3 features a tactile button with a back-lit rubber boot, providing easy access and control even in low-light conditions. For added versatility, it is equipped with a standard 1/4 inch threaded tripod socket, allowing you to mount it securely for hands-free operation.

With a rugged and robust construction, the Lumintop GT3 achieves an IP68 equivalent ingress rating, making it resistant to dust and water. However, it's essential to avoid immersing the flashlight in liquids.

Weighing in at approximately 475g without cells and measuring 68mm in diameter at the head, 126.5mm in length, and 52mm in diameter at the tube, the GT3 strikes a balance between power and portability. It's compact enough to be easily carried around and large enough to pack an incredible punch.

The Lumintop GT3 is a true gem among flashlights, offering astounding brightness, throw distance, and performance. Whether you're an avid outdoor enthusiast, a professional in need of reliable lighting, or someone looking for an exceptional flashlight for emergency situations, the GT3 is a top-notch choice. It's a true testament to Lumintop's commitment to quality and innovation, making it a worthy addition to your gear collection.

Emitter:  3*12V Cree XHP70.2  High Intensity,  cool white and neutral white optional, mounted on copper DTP MCPCB 

Flux:  >18,000 lm  

Intensity:  >131,250 kcd (ANSI throw >725m)  

Firmware:  Andúril Firmware with defaulted smooth RAMPING UI. Instant access to a TURBO mode and mode settings are also provided.

Battery:  Four 18650 cells.  Unprotected cells are recommended.  Cells are not included. 

Driver:  12V, Texas Avenger V2  

Reflector:  62mm inner diameter, aluminum, smooth finish 

Lens:  Glass with anti-reflective coating 

Body:  Aluminum with Type III hard-coat anodizing, Black, Pink, Sand for options

Tripod socket:  Standard 1/4 inch threaded  

Button:  Tactile with back-lit rubber boot  

Ingress rating:  Equivalent to IP68, do not immerse in liquids 

Weight:  Approximately 475g without cells 

Dimensions:  68 mm Ø head x 126.5 mm length x 52mm Ø tube

Notice: The battery in the option is the unprotected button-top Samsung INR 18650 35E Li-ion battery.