Lumintop GT3 Mini 6500 Lumen Triple EDC Flashlight

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Battery Option

The Lumintop GT3 Mini is a very small and compact flashlight with an incredible power capable of reaching the output level of 6500 lumens when it is turned on at Turbo. This torch can be powered by a 26350 cell or a 26650 cell using a suitable extender tube. Output and run time vary according to the cell used. For example, when using a 26,350 cell, the output levels are divided as follows: Turbo of 6500 lumens with runtime 20s + 1h 40 min, High 2 of 4000 lumens and runtime 40s +1h 40 min, High1 of 1800 lumens with 1 min runtime + 1h 40 min, Med of 550 lumens and 3 hours of runtime, Low of 130 lumens and 7 hours of runtime and Moonlight of 2 lumens and 8 days of runtime. When instead a 26650 cell is used, the output levels are divided as follows: Turbo of 10000 lumens with runtime 15s + 5h 30 min, High 2 of 5400 lumens and runtime 30s + 5h 30 min, High1 of 2400 lumens with runtime 1 min + 5 h 30 min, Med with 550 lumens and 6 hours of runtime, Low with 130 lumens and 24 hours of runtime and Moonlight with 2 lumens and 24 days of runtime. The maximum luminous intensity is 20500 candelas when using the 26350 battery or 35000 candelas when using the 26650 battery, while the maximum city of 285 M. when using the 26350 battery or 375 m when using the 26650 battery The torch body is made entirely of type III anodized aluminum which guarantees perfect resistance to bad weather, corrosion and scratches. The torch is also resistant to water according to the IP68 standard, therefore the submersible up to 2m depth, while not a diving torch, while the impact resistance is given up to 1.5m in height. The dimensions are 40 mm x 30 mm x 76 mm when using the 26350 cell or 50 mm x 30 mm x 106 mm if using the extender tube for the 26650 cell. The weight instead is 96 g excluding battery (26350 version) or 108 g excluding battery (version 26650). The user interface is very simple. The general mode includes three levels of constant brightness, divided as follows: low, medium and high. The hidden levels, however, are the moonlight, the turbo, the strobe, the sos and the beacon. To turn on the flashlight, just a single click on the switch, while to turn it off, just hold down the switch for about a second. When the flashlight is turned on to vary the brightness levels, just click once on the switch. When the torch is off, a long press of the switch for one second will turn the light to the moonlight level. To enter the turbo level, simply double-click the switch when the torch is in General mode. To access the high instant mode, with the flashlight off, press the switch consecutively twice. To enter the flashing modes, simply double-click the switch quickly when the flashlight is in moonlight mode. Further clicks will scroll the flashing levels according to the 'order Strobe, SOS and Beacon. On this flashlight there is also the control function, the battery. To activate it, just click three consecutive times and the switch when the flashlight is off. A series of flashes will indicate the exact voltage of the battery. It is also possible to electronically lock the user interface, so that the torch cannot be switched on accidentally when, for example, it is carried inside a backpack. To electronically lock the interface, just click the switch four times in succession when the torch is off. It is also possible to deactivate the status indicator inside the side switch, simply by pressing the switch 7 consecutive times when the torch is in OFF mode.

The GT3 Mini with 26650 battery including 1pcs GT3 mini with 26350 original tube+1pcs 26350 battery
GT3 mini with 26650 option including: 1pcs GT3 mini with 26350 original tube+1pcs 26350 battery+1pcs 26650 extend tube
GT3 mini with 26650 set option including: 1pcs GT3 mini with 26350 original tube+1pcs 26650 extend tube+1pcs 26650 battery

Mode: Moonlight; Low; Med; High; Turbo; Strobe
Distance: 285 Meters(26350); 370 meters(26650)
Intensity: 20500cd(26350); 35000cd (26650)
Waterproof: IP68(underwater 2meters)
Size: 40*30*76mm(26350); 40*30*106mm(26650)
N.W. 96g (26350); 108g(26650) , the weight is without battery.
Power: 45W(26350); 70W(26650)
Working Voltage: 2.8V-4.2V
Battery:support 1pcs 26350 or 1pcs 26650 battery.
Anduril UI

1. ON/OFF:One click the switch for and hold for 1 second for OFF.
2. Output shifting: Single click the switch from ON.
3. Instant High: Two rapid clicks from OFF will enter High 2 mode.
4. Moonlight: Press and hold theswitch from OFF
5. Turbo: Two quick clicks from ON, another click will enter the general mode.
6. Strobe/SOS/Beacon: Two clicks from Moonlight will enter the strobe mode, another two clicks will cycle through Strobe-SOS-Beacon.
7. Battery check: Three clicks the side switch from OFF, i.g. 3.8v : 3 blinks then 8 blink. The indicator will cycle 3 times then OFF.
8. Lock-out/Unlock:4 clicks of the switch from OFF. Momentary Low is available when pressing the switch.
9. Button back-lit light ON/OFF: Continuously 7 clicks from OFF.

The GT3 MINI also with Low-votage proection, Over-heat protection.

ANSI/NEMA FL1 Moonlight Low Med Highl High 2 Turbo Strobe/ SOS/ Beacon
Output 2LM 130LM 550LM 1800LM-550LM 4000LM-550LM 6500LM-550LM 4000LM-550LM
Runtime 8DAY 7H 2H IMin+l H 40Min 40S+1H 40Min 20S+1H 40Min /
Distance 285m (Max)
Intensity 20500cd (Max)
Impact Resistance 1.5m
Waterproof IP68, underwater 2m
Light Source 3XCreeXHP50.2 LED
Power 45W (Max)
Battery 1X 26350, max length 35.5mm (excluded)
Size 40*30*76mm (head*tube*length)
Net Weight 〜96g (battery excluded)