Lumintop GTA 550 Lumens LED Flashlight

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The Lumintop GTA is a compact and powerful flashlight that offers a host of outstanding features to suit your lighting needs. With its compact design and excellent performance, it is ideal for everyday use, outdoor activities or emergency situations. The torch is equipped with an OSRAM KW.CSLNM1.TG LED with a lifespan of up to 50000 hours, ensuring long life and reliability. It offers four brightness levels, plus the additional Strobe mode, with a maximum brightness of 550 lumens. This range of brightness levels allows you to easily adapt the flashlight to different lighting situations and needs. The Lumintop GTA offers a maximum illumination distance of 585 meters, with an intensity of 85,000 candelas, ensuring powerful and concentrated light even at long distances. This is particularly useful in situations where a long range of illumination is needed, such as outdoor exploration or search and rescue activities. A versatile feature of the Lumintop GTA is its compatibility with 14500 Li-ion and AA batteries. This means you can easily use available batteries or rechargeable batteries to power the flashlight, providing flexibility and convenience. The flashlight features a reverse snap back switch, which allows for easy and intuitive operation. You can turn the flashlight on and off by fully pressing the rear switch. In addition, the flashlight offers the output selection function, allowing you to choose the desired brightness level with a light press of the rear switch. The flashlight also features Strobe mode, which can be activated constantly by making six quick taps on the rear switch.

The Lumintop GTA is designed for convenience and portability. It features a two-position stainless steel pocket clip, allowing you to easily attach the flashlight to your belt, pocket or other items. The flashlight has a compact size of 3619113mm and a net weight of 60g (aluminum), making it easy to carry and use in different situations.

The flashlight also offers IPX-8 waterproof protection, making it resistant to water up to 2 meters deep. This feature makes it suitable for use in adverse weather conditions or in humid environments.

The Lumintop GTA is a compact and powerful flashlight that offers excellent performance, power flexibility and ease of use. With its exceptional lighting range, versatility, and waterproof protection, it's a great choice for your daily lighting needs or outdoor adventures.

ANSI/ NEMA FL1   Low Med High Turbo Strobe
OUTPUT 14500 10 Lumens 55 Lumens 230 Lumens 550 Lumens 230 Lumens
Alkaline/ Ni–MH 3 Lumens 25 Lumens 95 Lumens 240 Lumens 95 Lumens
RUNTIME 14500 48 H 6 H 1 H 40 Min 45 Min /
Alkaline 60 H 11 H 50 Min 50 Min 20 Min /
Ni–MH 60 H 12 H 30 Min 1 H 40 Min /
DISTANCE 585m (Max)
INTENSITY 85000cd (Max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8 (underwater 2m)
ON/ OFF:Fully press the tail switch.
Output selection: Half press the switch from ON (with mode memory function).
Strobe: Constantly 6 taps the switch from ON.