LUMINTOP PK27 EDC Mini LED Flashlight

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The Lumintop PK27 is a small and thin AAA size torch equipped with the performing Osram NM1 LED capable of delivering a 300 lumens light beam to the Turbo on the highest level and reaching a maximum distance of 270 meters. It can be powered by an AAA cell and thanks to the presence of an extender tube it can also be powered with 2x AAA to increase runtime.

The Lumintop PK27 has 3 selectable brightness levels divided as follows: we have the 0.5 lumens ECO level, very useful in situations where it is necessary to illuminate in short distances or in situations where you want to keep the light on for a long time. In fact, the runtime of the ECO level is 72 hours if Ni-Mh cells are used or 80 hours with non-rechargeable Alkaline cells. Then there is a 40 lumens Low level with a runtime of 17 hours for Ni-Mh cells and 11 hours with Alkaline cells. Finally, a High output level with runtime of 20 minutes with Ni-Mh cells and 42 minutes with Alkaline cells. The torch cannot be powered by 14500 type lithium batteries but only by alkaline or Ni-MH cells.

The maximum light intensity is 18375 candelas, therefore a rather directional and well focused beam that allows illumination at a distance of 270 meters. The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy with type III hard anodized treatment which provides excellent resistance to scratches, falls and wear in general. Impact resistance is given at a height of 1.5 meters, while water resistance follows the IP68 standard, therefore perfectly resistant to splashes, dust and dirt and even submersible up to 2 meters deep. The head of the Lumintop PK27 has an abundant knurling on the outer edge of the bezel and a series of dissipation fins to disperse the heat produced when the light is turned on on the high level. The body that contains the batteries is a smooth and long tube that can be divided into two parts. It has very beautiful horizontal grooves aesthetically and useful to increase grip and therefore improve grip. The tail has an anti-rolling profile so it prevents the flashlight from rolling easily if placed on slightly inclined surfaces. Here in the queue there is the switch for managing the interface. It is particularly protruding and easy to activate, it is also rubberized so the grip is always perfect. The management of the brightness levels is very simple: to turn the flashlight on or off just a complete click of the switch while for the selection of the output level with the flashlight on just a light pressure of the switch to scroll through the various levels available.

The dimensions of the Lumintop PK27 are 135 mm in length, the head has a diameter of 25 mm while the body is slightly wider than an AAA cell in fact it measures only 14.5 mm in diameter. The weight instead is only 38 grams excluding battery.


    Output 0.5 Lumen 40 Lumen 300 Lumen
    Runtime Ni-MH 72h 17h 20min
    Alkaline 80h 11h 42min
    Intensity 18375cd (Max)
    Distance 270m (Max)
    Impact Resistance 1.5m
    Waterproof IP68, underwater 2m
    Size 135*24*14.5mm (Length*head*tube)
    Net Weight 38g (excluding battery)
    Battery 1 * AAA/ 2* AAA
    Voltage 0.9-1.6 V