Lumintop Thor 5 Titanium LEP Flashlight

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The Lumintop Thor 5 is a small and elegant EDC flashlight made entirely of titanium and equipped with LEP technology, therefore capable of producing a totally directive beam of white laser light and capable of illuminating at a great distance. The Lumintop Thor 5 in fact has an output of 370 lumens on the highest level but nevertheless manages to reach the incredible distance of 1200 meters. The maximum light intensity using the high level of 370 lumens is 360,000 candles while the maximum power is 9 Watts. The Lumintop Thor 5 is powered by a single 18350 cell (not included in the package). To manage the interface, a Rear e-switch is used with an integrated RGB light inside. The body is made entirely of titanium: this allows for a product that is particularly resistant to wear and scratches, but at the same time robust and light. Water resistance is given according to the IPX-8 standard so the flashlight is submersible up to 2 meters deep even though it is not a diving flashlight. While the impact resistance is given up to 1 meter in height. Its dimensions are Size: 92mm * 34.5mm (Length * Tube Ø) while the weight is 215g (Titanium). The user interface is super simple: there are only two normal levels (Low and High) plus three hidden flashing levels Strobe, Blink1 and Blink2. To turn on the flashlight just a total pressure of the switch while to turn it off you have to keep the switch pressed for about 1 second. To change the brightness level, just click on the switch to switch from one level to another. Two quick clicks on the switch to enter Blink1 or Strobe mode, while another double click returns to general mode. With 6 quick clicks instead you enter the Blick2 mode. To lock the interface, 4 quick clicks are enough while it is enough to press and hold the switch to access the momentary on. With 7 consecutive clicks of the switch the backlight turns on or off. To check the battery just, with the flashlight off, press the switch 3 consecutive times: for example, if the battery has a voltage of 3.8 volts, the light will flash first 3 times then 8 times to indicate the correct voltage. The Thor lumintop is also a safe flashlight in fact there are different protection systems such as: reverse polarity protection in case a user incorrectly inserts the battery inside the flashlight, Low Voltage Protection which informs the user when it is time to replace the cell, Over heat protection that automatically decreases the brightness of the torch if the body temperature reaches critical levels of heat. The Lumintop Thor 5 is one of the most compact LEP flashlights on the market and one of the few in the 18350 format. This makes it an easy to carry and particularly compact flashlight. Convenient to keep in your pocket or for example inside a bag, it is also an ideal flashlight for everyday use. Very beautiful aesthetically it is also particularly elegant thanks to the quality materials with which it is made.

ANSI/NEMA FL1 LOW HIGH Blink 1/ Strobe Blink 2
OUTPUT 50 Lumen 370 Lumen 220 Lumen 220 Lumen
Runtime 2H 5M+ 1H / /
INTENSITY 360000cd (Max)
DISTANCE 1200m (Max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
SIZE 92*34.5mm (Length*Tube Ø)
NET WEIGHT 215g Titanium)
LIGHT SOURCE White Laser Emitter
POWER 9W (Max)
BATTERY 1 X 18350 Li-ion (excluded)
PROTECTION Reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, over-heat protection

Operation Instruction
General mode: Low, High (with mode memory)
Hidden mode: Blink1/Strobe, Blink2
  • ON/ OFF: Fully press the switch for ON, press and hold for 1 second for OFF.
  • Output change: One-click from ON.
  • Blink 1/ Strobe: Two quick clicks from any status, another click will enter the general mode.
  • Blink 2: 6 clicks from any status, another click will enter the general mode.
  • Lock-out/ Unlock: 4 clicks from OFF to enter lock-out mode and another 4 clicks to unlock. Under lockout status, press and hold the switch will turn the light momentary on until released.
  • Switch backlit light ON/ OFF: 7 clicks from OFF.
  • Battery check: 3 clicks from OFF, i.e., 3.8V is equal to 3 blinks then 8 blinks, it will cycle 3 times or one click the switch will turn the indicator off.