Lumintop Tiger Mini 45000lm Floodlight Flashlight

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The Lumintop Tiger Mini Floodlight Flashlight is a powerhouse of illumination, featuring cutting-edge technology and a robust design to meet the demands of users who require exceptional brightness and versatility. Boasting an impressive combination of 1Cree XHP70.3 HI emitter and 7Cree XHP70.2 HD LEDs, this flashlight achieves a staggering 45000 lumens of flux, making it an absolute standout in the world of portable lighting.

The sheer intensity of the Lumintop Tiger Mini is evident in its ANSI throw of 1120 meters, with an intensity rating of 313600kcd. This makes it an ideal choice for situations where long-distance visibility is crucial. With a power output reaching a maximum of 481W, this flashlight truly stands out as a beacon of light, capable of piercing through darkness with ease.

Equipped with the Anduril Firmware, the Lumintop Tiger Mini offers a sophisticated user interface, complete with defaulted smooth ramping. This allows users to easily adjust the brightness levels according to their needs. Instant access to a TURBO mode ensures a quick burst of maximum illumination when required, adding an extra layer of convenience to the user experience.

The power source for this formidable flashlight is provided by four 21700 batteries, accepting flat-top and unprotected cells with a maximum length of 71mm, ensuring compatibility with a variety of battery options. The inclusion of a glass lens with anti-reflective coating ensures optimal light transmission, contributing to the flashlight's overall efficiency.

Designed for durability and reliability, the Lumintop Tiger Mini features an aluminum body with TYPE III hard-coat anodizing, offering resistance to wear and tear. The flashlight is ergonomically designed with a handlebar included for ease of use, and a lanyard hole for additional carrying options. The tripod socket, with a standard 1/4 inch threaded (1/4-20 UNC), adds flexibility for hands-free use in various settings.

The tactile button, complete with a back-lit rubber boot, enhances the user experience, allowing for easy operation even in low-light conditions. The Ingress Protection (IP68) rating ensures the flashlight's resilience against water and dust, making it suitable for use in diverse environmental conditions.

Weighing approximately 1190g with cells and handle included, and measuring 93mm in head diameter, 156mm in length, and 63mm in tube diameter, the Lumintop Tiger Mini is both compact and powerful. The USB Type-C Quick charge/discharge function adds a modern touch to the flashlight, allowing for convenient and efficient charging. Moreover, the discharge function serves as a power bank with a maximum discharge current of 5A, providing an additional utility for users on the go.

In conclusion, the Lumintop Tiger Mini 45000lm Floodlight Flashlight is a marvel of engineering, offering an extraordinary balance between power, functionality, and durability. Whether you're navigating the outdoors, on a search and rescue mission, or simply need a reliable source of light, this flashlight is poised to exceed expectations with its impressive specifications and innovative features.

Emitter: 1*Cree XHP70.3 HI+7*Cree XHP70.2 HD LEDs
Flux: 45000 lumens
Intensity: 313600kcd(ANSI throw 1120 meters)
Power: 481W(max)
Firmware: Anduril Firmware with defaulted smooth Ramping UI. Instant access to a TURBO mode and mode settings are also provided.
Battery: Four 21700 battery. Flat-top and unprotected cells with max length 71mm (include)
Lens: Gass with anti-reflective coating
Protection: Reversed protection, over-charged protection, over-discharge protection, over-heat protection
Body: Aluminum with TYPE III heard-coat anodizing
Handle bar: Included
Lanyard hole: Available:
Tripod socket: Standard 1/4 inch threaded(1/4-20 UNC)
Button: Tactile with back-lit rubber boot
Ingress rating: Equivalent to IP68
Weight: Approximately 1190g with cells and handle
Dimensions: 93mm(head)*156mm (length)*63mm(tube)
With USB Type-C Quick charge/discharge function. Discharge as power bank function, support maximum discharge current of 5A. for the detail can check with the User manual .