Maeerxu XT3 Anode Colored Titanium EDC Flashlight

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The Maeerxu XT3 Anode Colored Titanium is a powerful and compact EDC flashlight that is extremely powerful and capable of reaching a light output of 3500 lumens at Turbo. Given its size and beam characteristics, this light is ideal as a light for everyday use and therefore as an EDC torch. The feature that makes this light unique is the construction of the body using Titanium, an extremely robust material but at the same time extremely resistant to any stress, scratches and oxidation. This light is equipped with Seven color auxiliary lights with a memory save option. All gears can be saved for any choice

The dimensions of this light are 25.4mm* outer diameter while the Length is 88mm. Weight is 91g (without battery weight)

This light features an electrically separated copper substrate for faster heat dissipation. This torch is available for sale in two colors: blue anodized titanium horse, Golden Memories, Titanium anode camouflage.

The Maeerxu XT3 Titanium is also equipped with an auxiliary light: turn on the flashlight and half-press the tail button 6 times to turn on the auxiliary light, there are green, red, blue three colors for you to choose, which produces a beautiful effect light. The optical part is made up of a tempered glass lens with anti-reflection treatment and able to have a transmittance higher than 90%. The LED equipment of this light can be 519A 3500K with dome, 519A 4500K with dome, 519a 5700K with dome, SS-T20 2700K, SS-T20 5000K, XP-L HI 3000K, XP-L Hi 6500K. The power supply of the light is guaranteed by 1 rechargeable 18350 lithium battery. The reflector is composed of 3 mirror polished micro parabolas.

This light is also very safe in fact there are several safety systems: there is the low voltage warning mode, the reverse polarity protection which protects against incorrect insertion of the battery by the user. In addition to this there is also the memory mode that memorizes the last output level used by the user to re-propose at the next power up. The package includes. 1 x flashlight (without battery and charger), 1 x stainless steel clip, 2 x M3.0 stainless steel screws, 1 x  Sanding Rod Operation Manual.

The user interface is really complete and provides for different modes of use: there is in fact the possibility of using the light in stepped mode or in dimmer mode without established levels and with ramping of the output for choosing the most suitable level for your needs . In addition to this, the interface allows the user to customize the output levels at will and choose the most appropriate set for the circumstances. The Turbo power is impressive: the beam is wide and powerful and allows you to illuminate a large area. the belt clip allows the light to be transported, for example attached to the belt or pocket: it is made of stainless steel and is particularly resistant. The body has a small square pattern to improve grip and always guarantee a perfect grip even when your hands are damp or wet or if you are using gloves, for example.

Seven color auxiliary lights with memory save option.
All gears can be saved for any choice. * * * *
● Material: titanium alloy
● Product size. Outer diameter 25.4mm * Length 88mm
●Weight :91g(not including battery weight)
● Copper substrate: electrical separation of copper substrate, faster heat dissipation
● Auxiliary light: Light the flashlight for the default seven color light show.
● Lens: tempered glass coated lens (transmittance 98%)
● Light bead model :3*XPL HI or *3*SS-T20 or 3*519a
● Battery :1*18350 lithium battery
●3* Dutch imported LED convex mirror
Low voltage hint/reverse polarity protection/mode memory
● Switch modes. Tail mechanical power off reversing switch (long press: on/off flashlight. Half press: Switch gears and functions).
Dimming mode: 16 different dimming mode, you can remember any one of the modes.
● The package includes. 1* Flashlight (without battery and charger), 1* stainless steel clip, 2*M3.0 stainless steel screws. 1* sand bar operation manual