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ME StVZO 100LUX + Cable

Introducing the Magicshine ME StVZO 100LUX E-Bike Bike Light—a powerhouse of illumination designed to redefine your cycling experience. With three high-efficiency LEDs producing an impressive 100LUX (equivalent to 900 lumens), this bike light is tailored for road cycling, urban commuting, and E-bike enthusiasts alike. Let's delve into its remarkable features and how they can enhance your ride.

The ME StVZO 100LUX E-Bike Light is equipped with three high-efficiency LEDs, collectively projecting an awe-inspiring 100LUX (or 900 lumens). Whether you're navigating urban streets, embarking on nighttime rides, or exploring uncharted paths, this bike light ensures you have the illumination you need to see clearly and stay safe.

One of the standout features of this bike light is its advanced StVZO-compliant optical lens. Crafted to perfection, this lens optimizes the light beam, creating a clear cut-off line that distinguishes light and shadow, all while remaining glare-free for oncoming road users. Say goodbye to blinding other cyclists and pedestrians—it's safe and efficient.

The connection between the bracket and the light head is thoughtfully designed to be movably adjustable. This adaptability allows you to customize the lighting angle according to your riding needs, ensuring there are no blind spots. Even under severe vibrations, the light head maintains its angle positioning, providing you with a stable and reliable lighting experience.

Crafted with a one-piece seamless aluminum housing, this bike light boasts uninterrupted heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance while also safeguarding the internal components. The aluminum bracket, featuring a non-slip washer, guarantees a secure installation on both standard 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars. This sturdy design ensures durability and long-lasting use.

Riding in adverse weather conditions is no longer a concern. The ME StVZO 100LUX E-Bike Light is rated IPX6 waterproof, making it capable of withstanding rain, splashes, and challenging weather scenarios. Your illumination remains consistent, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

This bike light can automatically adapt its power to the supply voltage, making it compatible with most E-bike systems ranging from 6-36V. Whether you ride a Bosch, Shimano, Brose, or Yamaha-equipped E-bike, the ME StVZO 100LUX will seamlessly integrate with your setup. Note that the connection cable to the E-bike drive unit is not included and must be purchased separately.

Experience a new level of cycling with the Magicshine ME StVZO 100LUX E-Bike Bike Light. Whether you're a dedicated road cyclist, urban commuter, or E-bike enthusiast, this compact, powerful, and feature-packed bike light is your ideal companion. Illuminate your rides, stay safe, and embrace the road ahead with confidence.

Specifications Parameter
Color Black
Max Lumen 900 LM
Beam Pattern StVZO
Max Throw 200 m
Suitable Handlebar Range 31.8mm - 35mm
Anti-Glare Support
E-BIKE Compatible 6-36V
Beam Intensity 10000 CD
Waterproof Rate IPX6
Weight 110.2 g
Dimension 45*39*35 mm
Material Aluminum
Mounting System One-side holder


ME StVZO 100LUX can be powered directly from the light output of the motor, just like our other e-bike lights.
Click the following link to know whether the ME StVZO 100LUX is compatible with your motor or not.

Package Include
ME StVZO 100LUX * 1
Anti-slip washers * 2
3mm hex * 1
User manual * 1