Magicshine MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 Remote Version

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The MONTEER 6500S ZEUS Remote Versio is an upgraded lighting powerhouse designed to illuminate your night adventures in style. With the convenience of a small yet flexible wireless remote, the MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 takes your outdoor activities, including cycling, skiing, and more, to the next level by conquering the darkness with its exceptional features.

The MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 offers an array of versatile light modes to cater to a wide range of riding conditions. From eco-friendly settings for extended excursions to high-intensity beams for technical trails, this bike light is your trusted companion for all adventures.

With various mode settings, the MONTEER 6500S V2.0 is well-equipped to meet the demands of different riding conditions. Whether you're tackling downhill descents, conquering MTB trails, navigating through cross-country terrain, or embarking on an enduro adventure, this bike light has you covered.

The MONTEER 6500S V2.0 is powered by five top CREE® LEDs, custom-engineered multi-flat lamp cups, and a combination of 32° and 21° beam angles. This combination delivers the perfect balance between a wide flood beam and a focused spotlight, ensuring you can see every obstacle on your path.

Constructed with precision, the tough sealed body of the MONTEER 6500S has endured high-pressure waterproof and 1-meter drop tests, making it exceptionally durable and reliable even in challenging conditions.

The bike light boasts high-quality copper LED PCB for rapid heat transfer. Its aviation-grade aluminum construction, along with heat dissipation fins, effectively manages heat during use, ensuring optimal thermal performance.

Control the MONTEER 6500S V2.0 with ease using the included wireless remote. This feature allows you to switch between light modes and reach maximum light output at the press of a button, enhancing your nighttime MTB rides.

The backlit control button provides battery status information. It displays green when the battery is above 20%, turns red when it's between 5-20%, and flashes red when it's below 5%. When the battery is less than 5%, the light's intensity mode automatically locks into the lowest setting.

The robust and compact design of the MONTEER 6500S is rated IPX5 waterproof, making it capable of withstanding the most challenging weather conditions.

The Garmin-type mount offers flexibility, accommodating both handlebar and helmet attachments. It's even compatible with GoPro mounts, bicycle computers, and phones, providing riders with versatile options tailored to their needs.

Equipped with a 7.2V 10,000mAh 21700 long-lasting battery pack, the MONTEER 6500S extends your nighttime adventures, offering up to 2 hours of maximum brightness.

Experience the MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 : a night beast that illuminates your path with power, precision, and style. Conquer the darkness on your night rides and outdoor adventures with confidence, thanks to this exceptional bike light.

Features at a Glance:

✔ Lumen: 6500
✔ Battery: 7.2V 10000mAh
✔ Charging Time:2.5-3 Hours
✔ Charging: USB-C fast charging and discharging
✔ Waterproof: IPX 5
✔ Runtime:1 - 40 Hours
✔ Remote Included: One click to reach the max light output.


LUMENS 300 700 1300 2600 0-650
h:min 40:00 20:30 11:00 05:30 18:00
LUMENS 500 1100 2200 4000 0-1100
h:min 27:30 13:30 07:00 03:30 14:00
LUMENS 900 1900 3600 6500 0-2000
h: min 16:00 07:35 04:00 02:00 08:00


Specifications Parameter
Max Lumen 6500 LM
Light Source(LED) 5*Cree XHP-50
Beam Angle 32°/21°
Max Throw 280 m
Runtime 2-40 hrs
Suitable Handlebar Range 31.8mm - 35mm
Remote Option Support
Beam Intensity 20000 CD
Waterproof Rate IPX5
Battery Capacity 7.2V 10000mAh
Charger USB-C
Charging Time 9.5hrs (5V/2A)
Weight 564 g (19.89oz)
Dimensions 2.83 in * 1.65 in * 1.73 in
(72mm * 42mm * 44mm)
Material Aluminum
Mounting System Garmin style quarter turn mount
Package Include
MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 Light Head x 1
MJ-6118 battery pack x 1
Remote Control x 1
Aluminum handlebar mount x 1
USB-C cable x 1
3mm hex x 1
User Manual x 1