Magicshine RN 3000 Best Bike Venture Light

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Introducing the Magicshine RN 3000: Your Ultimate Companion for Safe and Illuminated Nighttime Bike Rides Are you tired of inadequate bike lights that leave you struggling to see the road ahead during your nighttime rides? Look no further than the Magicshine RN 3000, a high-lumen, long-lasting, one-piece bike light with an innovative anti-glare design that not only enhances your visibility but also ensures the safety of oncoming motorists. With a maximum output of 3000 lumens, a beam throw of 263 meters, and a remarkable maximum runtime of 62 hours, this bike light is designed to be your dependable partner for all your cycling adventures, whether you're a night owl or an extreme cyclist. The Magicshine RN 3000 is a true powerhouse when it comes to illumination. It harnesses the energy of two 21700 integrated batteries with an astonishing capacity of 10,000mAh. Paired with two super bright and power-efficient LEDs, this bike light delivers a maximum verified output of 3,000 lumens. What sets it apart is its exceptional runtime, which can extend up to an impressive 62 hours. This makes it the top choice for cyclists embarking on long-distance journeys and extreme cycling challenges. Say goodbye to constantly recharging your bike light, and say hello to uninterrupted adventures. Safety should always be a cyclist's top priority, especially when riding in the dark. The Magicshine RN 3000 is equipped with an anti-glare lens design, specially crafted for road cyclists. This unique design ensures that the light beam softens, preventing it from blinding oncoming motorists. Additionally, the bike light features side lighting, enhancing your side visibility, which is crucial for your safety during rides. With the RN 3000, you can ride confidently, knowing that you're not only protecting your vision but also the safety of others on the road.The RN 3000 also includes a quick lock feature designed to prevent potential damage due to high heat or, in extreme cases, fire. Activating lock mode is a simple yet essential step in safeguarding your bike light. When the light is turned off, initiating lock mode is as easy as pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds until the indicator light flashes red. This straightforward process ensures that your bike light remains safe and functional. Keeping track of your battery's status is made simple with the RN 3000. In standby mode, a short press of the power button activates the battery indicator. The color of the indicator provides a clear visual representation of your power level. This feature helps you stay informed, so you can plan your rides accordingly without worrying about running out of power unexpectedly. Durability and optimal performance are at the core of the Magicshine RN 3000's design. It boasts a seamless one-piece aluminum housing that not only enhances its ruggedness but also incorporates a smart thermal control system. This system effectively manages the operating temperature, ensuring that the internal circuits remain cool, even during extended use. As a result, you'll enjoy consistent and reliable maximum output throughout your rides.

Regardless of the environmental conditions, the RN 3000 is prepared to perform. Its robust and compact design, coupled with an IPX6 waterproof rating, means it can withstand a variety of challenging weather scenarios. Whether you're cycling through rain, mist, or even unexpected downpours, this bike light is up to the task. You can rely on it to provide consistent illumination no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

In conclusion, the Magicshine RN 3000 is a reliable and powerful front bike light that offers an impressive combination of brightness and endurance. Its innovative anti-glare design, exceptional runtime, and durability make it a must-have accessory for cyclists seeking safe and well-illuminated night rides. Whether you're a casual night rider or a dedicated cyclist, the RN 3000 will undoubtedly enhance your biking experience and keep you safe on the road.

✔ Max Lumen: 3000 LM
✔ Max Throw: 263 m
✔ Max Runtime: 62 hrs
✔ Battery Capacity: 3.6V 10000mAh
✔ Anti-glare: Support
✔ Waterproof: IPX6

LUMENS 150 375 750 1500
h:min 62:00 28:21 11:40 04:40
LUMENS 150 375 750 1500
h:min 62:00 28:21 11:40 04:40
LUMENS 300 750 1500 3000
h: min 31:30 13:30 05:40 02:10
LUMENS 300 750 1500 3000
h: min / / / /


Specifications Parameter
Max Lumen 3000 LM
LED 2*Luminus SST-40
Beam Angle 25°/32°
Max Throw 263 m
Runtime 2.2-62 hrs
Suitable Handlebar Range 28mm - 35mm
Anti-Glare Support
Beam Intensity 17412 CD
Waterproof Rate IPX6
Battery Capacity 3.6V 10000mAh
Charger USB-C
Charging Time 4hrs (5V/2A)
Weight 279 g / 9.84 oz
Dimensions 107*48*32 mm / 4.2*1.9*1.3 inches
Material Aluminum
Mounting System Garmin style quarter turn mount


RN 3000 * 1
Handlebar mount * 1
Silicon strap * 4
USB-C cable * 1
3mm hex *1
USER Manual * 1