Mankerlight E05 Cu Bundle LED Flashlight

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The Mankerlight E05 Cu is a small EDC flashlight for everyday use. Its extremely compact dimensions make it a perfect flashlight to be carried inside the jeans pocket, inside a bag but also inside the pouch. The Mankerlight E05 Cu is equipped with a single OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG LED with a maximum achievable output of 400 lumens. The light can be powered with two different batteries in fact it can use a single AA alkaline or Ni-MH cell or a rechargeable lithium ion 14500 cell. The maximum luminous intensity when using a 14,500-Type-Cell is 15,625 candelas corresponding to approximately 250 m of distance. The body of the flashlight is entirely made of copper. The main feature of this metal is that with the passage of time it oxidizes and will take completely random colors making the flashlight unique in its appearance. This feature of copper lights is highly appreciated by light enthusiasts. The belt clip, on the other hand, is in stainless steel and allows you to attach the flashlight to any garment such as hats, backpacks, bags, pockets and any type of MOLLE attachment. The lens is thick made of mineral glass and has anti-reflective treatment on both sides. On the body there are millings that allow you to insert building bars inside them.There are also small holes for the insertion of the wrist straps. The tail cap is flat so it is possible to use the flashlight even in tailstanding as if it were a candle. This flashlight is also safe because it provides protection against polarity inversion.Therefore there are no problems if for example the user incorrectly inserts the battery inside the flashlight.The Makerlite E05 Cu is water resistant according to the standard IP px8 therefore it can be submerged under water up to 2 m depth while it is impact resistant up to 2 m high. The dimensions of this flashlight are 94mm in length and 20mm in body diameter. The user interface is simple and intuitive and is completely managed by the single button inside the flashlight. When the light is off, a simple click on the tail switch will turn on the flashlight while when the flashlight is on, a single click on the tail switch will turn it off. When the light is on, a partial press of the tail switch will allow you to scroll through the levels in order from low to high. A double half click instead will allow you to activate the hidden strobe. When the light is off, on the other hand, a single click on the tail switch will allow direct access to the low level, a further single click will allow you to turn off the flashlight.

The brightness levels vary according to the battery used, for example when using the AA cell the levels are divided as follows: low from 50 lumens, high from 150 lumens and strobe from 150 lumens. When using a 14,500 battery, the output levels are divided as follows: low from 150 lumens, high from 400 lumens and strobe from 400 lumens. Using different types of batteries also changes the maximum distance that can be reached and the maximum light intensity. When using an AA cell, the maximum light intensity is 6400 candelas corresponding to 160 m of range while when using a 14500 cell the maximum luminous intensity is 15,650 candelas corresponding to 250 m of maximum distance reached.


Emitter: 1x OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG
Battery: 1x AA / 14500
Maximum 400 lumens output (driver by 14500 battery)
Maximum beam intensity: 15625cd (driver by 14500 battery)
Maximum beam distance: 250meters (driver by 14500 battery)
Body: Made of copper
Clip: Stainless steel deep carry clip
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Built-in tritium groove and lanyard hole
Tail Stand Capability
Physical reverse polarity protection
Waterproof: IPX-8(2 meters under water)
Impact resistance: 2 meters
Size: 94mm length x 20mm Diameter


User-friendly One Button Interface

Turn OFF/ON:
1. When the light is OFF, one click tail switch to turn the light ON.
2. When the light is ON, one click to turn the light OFF.

Mode Operation:
1. When the light is ON, half one click tail switch to cycle through ‘low - High’.
Quickly double half-one click to activate hidden strobe.
2. When the light is OFF, one click tail switch to turn on low level, A single click
after this urns the light OFF. and then once click to turn on High level.

What's package Included?

1x Manker E05CU LED flashlight
1x Manker 920mAh 14500 rechargeable li-ion battery with USB-C charging port
1x USB Type-C charging cable
1x Lanyard
1x spare waterproof O-ring
1x User manual

Technical Data
ANSI.NEMA FL1 Battery Low High Strobe
Luminance AA  50LM  150LM 150LM 
14500 150LM  400LM 400LM
Runtime AA 7.5h 1 8h  
14500 2h 0.7h  
Max light intensity AA 6400cd
14500  15625cd
Max Beam distance AA 160M
14500 250M
Shockproof standard 2M
Waterproof ♦ standard IPX-8