Mankerlight MC01 USB Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

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The Mankerlight MC01 is a small EDC flashlight for everyday use. It can be equipped with two different types of LEDs. In fact, it is possible to choose between the cold light configuration with 6500K Samsung LH351D CW LEDs and between the Neutral light configuration with 4000K Samsung LH351D NW LEDs. The maximum power at the Turbo is 1030 lumens while the maximum reachable distance is 120 meters. The output levels available are as follows: low from 60 lumens and runtime of 29 hours, middle of 300 lumens with a runtime of 5 hours, high of 600 lumens and a runtime of 2 hours 40 minutes, turbo of 1030 lumens and a runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes and finally a stroboscopic level of 1030 lumens. The maximum light intensity is 3600 candles when using the flashlight on the turbo level. The management of the interface is managed entirely by a single switch in the queue. Inside the tail switch there are two status LED indicators that allow you to understand when the flashlight is still charging or if the charge is completed . The user interface is very simple and easy to remember: Click when the light is off any click or a long press of the tail switch will allow the light to turn on while when the light is On a single click of the switch will allow you to turn off the light. When the light is off, a single click on the tail switch will allow you to select the level used last time in general mode, then long press the button to activate. The light will automatically cycle through the levels in low, medium, high, medium, low order. If you want to select a level just release the button during the light cycle. To access the turbo directly, just double-click the switch from any other mode. To access the special modes from the light off, you can make a quick triple click on the switch to activate the strobe and with further clicks go to the beacon, SOS and then the strobe levels again. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a USB Type-C charging cable, a pocket clip, a wrist lanyard and a multilingual user manual. The dimensions of the flashlight are 102.3 mm in length, 25 mm in the diameter of the head while the weight is 93.8 grams with the battery included. The water resistance is given according to the IP 65 standard while the impact resistance is given up to 1 m in height. The user interface of this flashlight is simple and intuitive, easy to use, there are many levels of brightness and allows the user to choose the level they prefer. The extremely compact dimensions of this flashlight and the very light weight make this light a perfect EDC to always carry with you and always ready for use. On the head there are dissipation fins for heat dispersion while on the central part of the body there is a construction with knurling that guarantees a perfect grip even when you have damp or wet hands or if you use particularly thick gloves. The lens is of the TIR type therefore with total reflection so the beam produced is soft, clean and well balanced. The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a hard anodized hard anodized finish type three Premium.

Low Middle High Turbo Strobe
Luminance 60LM 300LM 600LM 1030LM 1030LM
Runtime 29hrs 5hrs 2hrs40min 2hrs30min --
Maxlight intensity 3600cd
Max beam distance 120m