Mankerlight MK38 Satellite Multi-Purpose Handheld Searchlight

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The Mankerlight MK38 is a powerful searchlight powered by 3 21700 cells and capable of developing an incredible Turbo level. This flashlight is available for sale in different configurations: there is the 8x CREE XHP70 version. 2 LEDs (6500 K) with a max output of 41500 lumens, Maximum beam intensity of 160000 cd, and maximum throw distance of 800 meters, the 8x version CREE XHP70.2 LEDs (5000 K) with a max output of 39425 lumens Maximum beam intensity of 144400 cd, and maximum throw distance of 760 meters and the 8x LUMINUS SFT version 40 LEDs (6500 K) with a max output of 20,000 lumens Maximum beam intensity of 360,000 cd, and maximum throw distance of 1,200 meters. This coke can design flashlight has a length of 131.7mm, the tail width is 57mm while the head is 113mm. A particularly compact light when compared to the power it is capable of producing. The weight is 519 grams without the handle and without battery. The body of the flashlight is made entirely of aluminum and is available in three different versions: Type III hard anodized Oxidation (Black), Micro-arc Oxidation (White) and Micro arc Oxidation (Gray). Integrated precision digital optics technology guarantees extreme reflector performance. The lens has anti-reflective treatment on both sides and is made of thick tempered glass. Thanks to its transparency there is a transmittance of 99% of the light. The constant current electronic circuit has an efficiency of 98%. The temperature regulation system prevents the MK38 from overheating when used with turbo on high levels: it is activated if the temperature becomes too high and automatically decreases the output. This helps protect the flashlight against overheating, and increases the life of the LED batteries and electrical circuits inside the flashlight. The stainless steel switch allows you to control the light interface, then switch on and off and vary the brightness levels. The Mankerlight MK38 is supplied with a cooling handle that has two different switches: the first allows you to control the two cooling fans while the second allows you to turn on, turn off the light or vary the brightness levels. Thanks to the handle the flashlight is easily transportable and comfortable to use, moreover the fans inside it allow to dissipate well the heat produced by the LEDs when the flashlight is turned on on high output levels. In the hand the flashlight is very comical thanks to the ergonomic design. The tail is flat so the light can also be used in tailstanding as if it were a candle. Under the head there are dissipation fins which together with the suction cups allow to efficiently dissipate the heat produced. The package includes in addition to the Manker MK38 light also the detachable handle, the screw to connect the handle to the torch, tool to screw the handle screw, spare o-ring and user manual.