Mankerlight Striker Cu Tactical Flashlight

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The Mankerlight Striker Cu is a tactical flashlight made entirely of copper. This precious material is known because over time it tends to oxidize and allows the light to color itself in a completely random way, losing its lucidity and becoming a very suggestive antiqued color. The peculiarity of copper lights is to take on a unique appearance, in fact there will never be a copper light the same as the other because the color due to the oxidation of the copper is always different. With this flashlight you are sure to have a unique and personalized product. The Mankerlight Striker Cu uses a single SFT40 LED capable of delivering a maximum power of 2300 lumens to the Turbo. The maximum light intensity of the beam is 62,500 candelas while the maximum distance reached is 500 m. This light can be powered by a single rechargeable lithium-ion model 18.650 cell supplied in the package. The battery has an internal Type-C charging interface that allows you to charge the cell without using external chargers. The very high efficiency constant current circuit of this light provides an always stable output that does not vary with decreasing cell voltage.

There is electronic protection against polarity inversion therefore the flashlight is protected when a user incorrectly inserts the battery inside the flashlight. There is also an overcharge protection to protect and extend the life of the battery. The circuits and connectors of this flashlight are gold-plated to ensure maximum current conductivity. The user interface is very simple and easy to use in fact there are only two modes plus a stroboscopic level that allows it to be used in emergency situations. Vv the precision digital optical technology built into this flashlight provides extremely excellent reflector performance. The flashlight uses a tempered glass lens with anti-reflective treatment on both sides and with a transmittance of 99%. The bezel is made of stainless steel and is plated with copper.It is removable and can be used in both directions.When the bezel has points facing outwards it can be used for self defense for combat or to be used as a glass breaker. When it is not necessary to use the bezel in a tactical way, it can be unscrewed and restarted in the opposite direction. Under the head there are dissipation fins that allow to dissipate the heat produced by the LED when used on the 2300 lumens turbo level.The belt clip is in stainless steel and allows you to connect the flashlight to pockets, belts, backpacks , and any MOLLE attack.

The switch is in the queue and is particularly protruding and easy to activate. It is made of rubber and provides excellent grip.The tactical ring present on the flashlight with its polygonal shape allows the flashlight not to roll on inclined surfaces.The Mankerlight Striker Cu is water resistant according to the IPX-8 standard and shock resistant up to 2 m high. The weight is only 280 g with battery and the dimension are 134.86 mm (with bezel in tactical mode) / 123.44  length x 39 mm (head diameter) x 27 mm (tail diameter)

What's package Included?

1x Manker Striker Cu LED flashlight
1x Manker 3.7V 2600mAh high-drain 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB-C charging port
1x spare waterproof O-ring
1x USB Type-C charging cable (integrated OTG, USB hub)
1x Lanyard
1x Pocket clip
1x User manual

Size & Weight



Battery charging indicator:
Plug USB Type-C socket of the included charging cable into the USB-C port of 18650 battery, and connect another USB socket to the adapter.
18650 battery has built in intellegent indentified charging function. When battery is charging, the indicator will be red and keep flash. After battery charging is completed, the indicator will stop flash and red constant on.

Powerbank Indicator:
Plug USB Type-C socket of the included charging cable into the USB-C port of 18650 battery, and connect another USB socket to the USB port of the digital device. 18650 battery built-in intellegent indentified discharging function. When battery is reverse charging, works as powerbank, indicator will be blue constant on. When battery have not enough power to charge other digital device, blue indicator will turn off.

- When the flashlight is turned on, it will default on high mode. Soft press without fully clicking the button for momentary on. Fully press and click for constant on.
- Quickly double half press the button to activate hidden strobe mode, fully press and click for constant-on strobe.