Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight

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The Mankerlight Timeback III is a small EDC flashlight with a particular design. In fact, it is not just a simple flashlight because it is equipped with a head with a magnetic mount, a “gyro spinner”, a “PPB”, a “small spinner” and a “decompression button”. This flashlight is sold in different versions and made with different materials. In fact, we have a version equipped with a LED that produces cold light and a version equipped with a LED that produces neutral light. Body material can be chosen from the following: Aluminum alloy (White) & Brass (black plated), Brass (Antique-color), Titanium alloy (Natural color) & Brass (black plated), Titanium alloy (Stonewash) & Brass (black plated), Titanium alloy (Black) & Brass (black plated). The dimensions of this flashlight are 29.2mm in diameter of the head 27.5mm in body diameter and 161mm in length while the weight excluding battery varies according to the material of the body: 145.2g for the youth version, 209.0g for the antique brass, 165.3g for he titanium natural version, 164.4 g for the titanium stonewash version and 164.8 g for the titanium black version. The output levels are six and are divided as follows: Moonlight of 0.1 lumens and a maximum duration of 360 hours, low of 46 lumens and maximum duration of 10 hours, medium of 200 lumens and maximum duration of three hours, high of 600 lumens and maximum duration 48 minutes, 2500 lumens turbo and maximum duration 30 minutes and finally a stroboscopic level of 2500 lumens. The maximum intensity reached is 4600 candles corresponding to 136 m of maximum distance reached the water resistance and given according to the IP68 standard so the light can be submerged up to 2 m deep while the impact resistance is given up to 1 m high. The user interface is very feature rich but is intuitive and easy to use. When the flashlight is off, a long press of one second will allow you to directly access the moonlight mode while a further click will allow you to turn off the light. When the light is off, a simple click will allow you to access General mode and a further click will allow you to turn off the light. When we are in General mode it is possible to keep the switch pressed to pass from the different output levels according to the order low medium high and then low again. With the light off, it is also possible to access the turbo level with a double click or the special levels with a triple click. By keeping the switch pressed for over three seconds, it is possible to access the “tail ambience light” mode. From this mode, keeping the switch pressed, it is possible to cycle through 5 different "color ambience light modes". The Mankerlight Timeback III also provides the electronic lockout of the interface to prevent the flashlight from turning on accidentally during transport in a pocket or when it is inserted inside a backpack: to activate the electronic lock just click the tail switch 4 times consecutively . With a further 4 clicks the flashlight turns on in General Mode.

Notice: The package default is floodlight module, include one piece 1100mAh Type-C USB Rechargeable 18350 li-ion battery;  The optional spotlight head max beam distance is 600 meters, and the LED is OSRAM nm1.