Mateminco FW3 LEP Flashlight

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The Mateminco FW3 is a powerful yet compact multifunction flashlight. It is a 2-in-one torch in fact it has both an LEP system which allows it to reach a maximum distance of 1350 meters and a series of LEDs which produce a beam of light which, when turbocharged, releases 1550 lumens with a cold 6500K tint. This torch It is powered by a single 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery which gives it high runtimes and high power output. The overall package includes a flashlight two or spare a wrist lanyard for carrying a clip a tactical ring and the user manual. The torch is entirely made of euronut aluminum alloy and features a series of millings that improve grip and grip on any occasion. On the head and tail there are also millings in which it is possible to insert a tritium bar to make this flashlight even more elegant and personalized. The horizontal millings in the center of the body offer an always perfect grip even if your hands are wet or if you are wearing gloves. The maximum achievable distance is 1350 m when the torch is turned on at the highest lep level. While the maximum turbo power is 1550 lumens when using LED light sources. The maximum luminous intensity is 460,000 candelas when light via the lep system is used. Impact resistance is given by a height of 1.5 m while water resistance is guaranteed up to a depth of 2 m. In fact, the flashlight is waterproof according to the IPX6 standard. The lens is tempered glass with a double anti-reflection coating. The weight of this flashlight is 136 grams excluding battery and is around 230 grams including 21700 battery. The dimensions are 147.1mm by 40.5mm (length x body diameter). The user interface is very simple and is managed entirely by the single switch on the torch: Clicking on the switch will allow you to turn on the low LED light when it is off, while clicking when the light is on will allow you to vary the levels according to the 'order led low, led medium, led high, led turbo, lep low, lep high, led + lep simultaneously. A double click with the flashlight off or on will allow direct access to the high lep. A triple click will instead allow you to access the strobe function. The LEDs that make up the optical part of this light are 9 CREE XBD.

As we have said, the torch can also be embellished with small tritium bars, in fact on the body there are 6 holes for inserting 13mm x 1.5mm bars and 8 holes for 6mm x1.5mm bars. In short, this flashlight can be customized as desired with the addition of colored tritium bars. The tactical ring helps in activating the switch when the flashlight is held in the hand as if it were a cigarette. the switch is rubberized and with a dotted surface that always guarantees excellent grip and feeling. The body of the torch is available for purchase in two colors: black and military green.

LED: White Laser + 9*XBD
Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy
Mode: Multiple Modes
Switch Type: Clicky Switch
Switch Location: Tail Of The Flashlight
Battery: 1 * 21700 Battery (Not included)
Max Output: 1550lm
Max Beam Distance: 1356 Meters
Max Beam Intensity: 460000cd
Drive: Boosting Constant Current Driver
Impact Resistance: 1m
Waterproof: IPX6
Weight: 136g
Size: 147.1mm * 40.5mm * 31.5mm(Length * Head Diameter * Body Diameter