Mateminco MT001 Sbt90.2 6800 Lumens Powerful Flashlight

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In the world of high-performance flashlights, the Mateminco MT001 Sbt90.2 emerges as a true powerhouse, combining exceptional brightness with impressive features that cater to both professional and outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on ultimate lighting experiences, unrivaled longevity, and versatile functions, the MT001 Sbt90.2 sets the bar high for what a flashlight can achieve.

At the heart of the MT001 Sbt90.2 is the SBT90.2 LED core, a pinnacle of lighting technology. This core ensures a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, guaranteeing consistent brightness without the annoying flickering often seen in lesser flashlights. When you hold the MT001, you're holding a reliable source of light for the long haul.

The MT001 Sbt90.2 offers a stunning maximum output of 6800 lumens, ensuring that you'll never be left in the dark. Its powerful beam reaches an intensity of 2,350,000cd, providing a wide illumination range and an ultra-wide field of view. With this flashlight, you can navigate through the darkest environments and signal for help during emergencies with ease.

One of the standout features of the MT001 Sbt90.2 is its remarkable maximum range of 3065 meters. Thanks to its powerful and focused beam, this flashlight is perfect for those who need to see far into the distance. Whether you're on an outdoor adventure or require professional-level illumination, this flashlight ensures clear surroundings, enhancing safety in the process.

The stepless dimming design of the MT001 Sbt90.2 allows you to precisely control the brightness level, adapting it to your specific needs. Whether you need a subtle glow or the full 6800 lumens of power, this flashlight has you covered.

Charging the MT001 Sbt90.2 is a breeze, thanks to its Type-C charging interface. This feature supports fast charging and offers various charging methods, making it convenient to recharge the flashlight virtually anywhere. You'll know when it's ready to go with the power indicator: red for charging and blue for a full charge.

The MT001 Sbt90.2 comes equipped with a removable 46950 Li-Ion battery boasting a whopping 32000mAh capacity. In moonlight mode, this flashlight can work continuously for 26 days, ensuring it's ready to escort you on any nighttime adventure.

For safety and peace of mind, the MT001 Sbt90.2 includes a lock-out design to prevent accidental activation. It also incorporates an intelligent temperature control system that ensures multiple heat dissipation and prevents overheating, allowing you to hold the flashlight for extended periods without discomfort. When the temperature exceeds 52 degrees, it gradually reduces output, maintaining a safe temperature of 55 degrees. The battery will also automatically shut down when its voltage drops below 2.8V.

The Mateminco MT001 Sbt90.2 is a beacon of illumination and power that redefines what a flashlight can do. With its incredible brightness, long-range capability, and advanced features, it's ready to accompany you on your most challenging adventures and professional tasks. Illuminate your world with the Mateminco MT001 Sbt90.2, your trusted source of light in the darkest of nights

    Package included:
    1* MT001 Flashlight
    2* O-ring
    1* 46950 Battery
    1* Tripod Mount Screw
    1* Shoulder Strap
    2* Shoulder Strap Steel Ring
    1* Manual
    LED SBT90.2
    Lumen 6800lm
    Intensity 2,350,000cd
    Range 3065m
    Mode 4 practical modes + Stepless Dimming
    Battery 1x 32000mAh 46950 Battery (Included)
    Charge function Yes, Type-C USB fast recharge
    Discharge function Yes, can be a emergency  power bank
    Waterproof IPX6
    Impact Resistance 1m
    Weight About 960g with 46950 battery
    Size 191.4*69*55mm (Length* Head diameter* Body diameter)

    Gear Moonlight Low+Stepless Dimming Turbo
    Lumen (LM) 30LM 100-6000LM 6800LM
    Runtime(H) 26 Day 47H--14H 2S-12H
    Max Range(M) 3065
    Max Intensity (CD) 2350000CD
    *The above parameter values are tested using one 46950 battery and may vary depending on the battery and usage environment.