Mateminco SL01 Multifunction Flashlight

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The Mateminco SL01 is a compact and lightweight flashlight that offers an ideal combination of outstanding light performance and ergonomic design. With its light output and compact size, this flashlight is a perfect choice for your daily lighting needs or outdoor activities.

The SL01 features a Lumileds HL2X main lamp which guarantees a maximum brightness of 1020 lumens, offering powerful and clear illumination even in the darkest situations. Additionally, the torch is equipped with an Osram Gwjtlms1, EM*4 auxiliary lamp that provides additional illumination for optimal visibility.

An important feature of the Mateminco SL01 is its magnetic tail which allows the flashlight to be easily attached to metal surfaces, offering hands-free lighting options and facilitating its use in different situations. This magnetic design adds an element of convenience to the flashlight using experience.

The stepless dimming function is another unique feature of the SL01. Thanks to this stepless dimming option, users can choose the desired light intensity according to their specific needs. This allows you to adapt the lighting to different situations, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

The flashlight offers a maximum beam distance of 101 meters, ensuring good long-distance visibility. Powered by a 14500 battery, the SL01 is also compatible with AA batteries, offering greater convenience and ease of use for the user.

Available in black and green colors, the Mateminco SL01 presents itself as an aesthetically pleasing option, suitable for different personal tastes. At 103.6mm in length and weighing just 50g (excluding hood), this flashlight is incredibly compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The Mateminco SL01 has a cap, which can be used as a small desk lamp. The cap of the SL01 is made from a luminous material, which can continue glowing for a period of time after the flashlight goes out.

The Mateminco SL01 is a versatile flashlight that offers powerful light performance, a compact and lightweight design, and a host of practical features. Whether you need a flashlight for everyday use or for outdoor adventures, the SL01 presents itself as a reliable choice that will meet your lighting needs. With its combination of light output, compactness and practicality, this flashlight proves to be an ideal companion for your bright adventures.

Main lamp: Lumileds HL2X
Auxiliary lamp: Osram Gwjtlms1. EM*4
Magnetic tail
Stepless dimming
Max Output: 1020 lumens
Max Throw Beam Distance:101m
Battery: 14500, compatible with AA battery
Color: Black, Green
Size: 103.6mm length
Weight: 50g (exclude and cap)