MC13 II Sbt90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight-Titanium & Copper

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In the realm of portable illumination, few tools are as indispensable and versatile as a reliable flashlight. Whether you're navigating darkened streets, exploring the great outdoors, or simply searching for lost items, having a compact and powerful light source can make all the difference. Introducing the MC13 II SBT90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight—crafted from premium materials and packed with innovative features, this flashlight is poised to redefine your expectations of portable lighting. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable device and explore why it's a must-have addition to your everyday carry arsenal.

The MC13 II SBT90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight introduces a groundbreaking feature—the New Moonlight Programming Feature. This innovative functionality allows users to customize their lighting experience with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Here's how it works:

  • Activate ECO Mode: With the flashlight turned off, simply long-press to activate ECO mode, conserving energy while still providing ample illumination for various tasks.
  • Customize Brightness Levels: By quickly pressing the button six times and holding on the sixth press for five seconds, users can access the LED indicator, which will flash red. From there, a single press increases brightness, while a double press decreases brightness, allowing for precise adjustment to suit any environment.
  • Memorize Moonlight Brightness: Press and hold to memorize the moonlight brightness setting, ensuring that your preferred level is retained for future use.

Key Features of the MC13 II SBT90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight

The MC13 II SBT90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight boasts a host of features that elevate its performance and usability to unprecedented levels:

  • Gen 2 Model: Incorporating the latest advancements, the MC13 II is a Gen 2 model, harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver superior performance and reliability.
  • Powerful LED: Utilizing a LUMINUS SBT90 GEN2 LED, the flashlight achieves a maximum output of 4,500+ lumens and an impressive beam distance of 665 meters, ensuring unrivaled brightness and coverage.
  • Premium Construction: Crafted from solid titanium TC4, the body of the MC13 II combines durability with lightweight portability, making it ideal for everyday carry and outdoor adventures.
  • Optimal Heat Dissipation: Equipped with a copper light engine, the flashlight ensures efficient heat sinking, preventing overheating and prolonging the lifespan of the LED.
  • Convertible Design: The MC13 II features a unique built-in extendable body design, allowing it to accommodate both 18350 and 18650 batteries for added versatility and convenience.
  • Fast Charging: With built-in USB-C charging, the flashlight offers fast and convenient charging on the go, ensuring that you're always powered up and ready for action.
  • Included Battery: Each MC13 II comes with a high-quality 18350 battery, providing reliable power for extended use in any situation.
  • Enhanced Magnet: Featuring a strong tail magnet, the flashlight offers hands-free operation and versatile mounting options, making it an indispensable tool for various tasks.

In conclusion, the MC13 II SBT90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight is a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in the realm of portable lighting. With its powerful LED, customizable settings, and premium construction, it offers unparalleled performance and versatility for everyday carry and outdoor adventures. Whether you're exploring the wilderness or simply navigating darkened streets, the MC13 II is the ultimate companion for illuminating your path with confidence. Experience the power and precision of the MC13 II SBT90.2 Pocket EDC Flashlight and discover a new standard in portable illumination.

Key Feature
Gen 2 model
Utilizes 1x LUMINUS SBT90 GEN2 LED
Max. 4,500+ lumens output, and 665 meters beam distance
Solid titanium TC4 body
Copper light engine for best heat sinking
Black plated stainless button and retainer
Highest output and throw combo to size ratio
First convertible 18350-18650 built in extendable body design
Built-in body fast USB-C Charging
Included 1x 18350 battery
Strong Tail Magnet

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