Nextorch FR-2 Tactical Flashlight Ring

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The Nextorch FR-2 It is a tool created exclusively to be used on tactical flashlights. It allows you to carry more conveniently and operate comfortably with a tactical type flashlight. In fact, it has multiple operating modes and is compatible not only with nextorch's TA30 Max, TA5 torches But it can be used with any other tactical torch with a diameter between 25 mm and 27 mm.

The Nextorch FR-2 is an essential tool for tactical applications because in addition to allowing the port of a flashlight in a very comfortable way, it also allows the use of tactical flashlights in a very simple way.

This accessory is made of steel and nylon therefore it is particularly robust resistant to wear and blows but weighs only 10 grams. Once installed on tactical flashlights with a diameter between 25 mm and 27 mm, this tactical ring allows you to hold the flashlights more comfortably For example when you want to take advantage of the tail switch with the use of your thumb. Another function that this tactical ring performs is to ensure a quick and safe extraction of the tactical flashlight when it is stored inside a pocket in fact by inserting the index finger inside the hole of the tactical ring it is possible to quickly extract and easily the flashlight from any pocket smoothly.This accessory is ideal for law enforcement to be used in tactical environments but you can also use it effectively for everyday use to comfortably hold your flashlight.It is one indispensable and essential tool that allows to offer more convenient transport and flexible operating modes. In fact, it is possible to hold a flashlight while having your hands free. The installation of this accessory on the flashlights is very simple: in fact, just place it on the body of the flashlight, apply pressure until it is stuck to the body of the flashlight. To remove it from the flashlight just pull it away.