Nextorch P56 Criminal Investigation Flashlight Kit

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The Nextorch P56 is a multifunctional flashlight designed exclusively for investigative activities. In fact, it is equipped with 6 different light sources with different colors: white, ultraviolet, blue, green, red, infrared.This torch is useful for example when you are investigating a crime scene, when for example you want to find biological traces using ultraviolet rays. Also included in the package are forensic glasses in amber red and yellow. The flashlight is equipped with a switch in the tail that allows you to turn the light on and off. the switch is protruding, Rubberized, dotted and is easily identifiable even if you are wearing thick gloves or if you are in total darkness. Next to the tail switch there is the type-C charging interface that allows you to charge the internal battery of the flashlight without having to extract it. Next to the charging interface there is a small status LED which returns information on the progress of the charge. On the side of the body, on the other hand, there is an innovative rotating switch that allows you to vary the color of the light: To activate the light of the flashlight, just click on the tail switch and to vary the color of the light, just rotate the rotating switch on the side. The tail switch also has a tactical function because it is possible with partial pressure to momentarily activate the light while with a total person it is possible to constantly activate the light. When the light is on, a simple click on the tail switch will allow you to vary the brightness level.The compact design allows you to use the flashlight with one hand. The body of the Nextorch P56 is entirely made of anodized aluminum and is water resistant according to the IPX8 standard so it is submersible up to 2 m depth while the impact resistance is given up to 1 m height. The colored beams of the Nextorch P56 are the following: Light sources: White LED, UV-LED (365 nm), Blue LED (450 nm), Green LED (525 nm), Red LED (630 nm), IR-LED (850 nm) while the luminous flux is as follows: White light with High 300 ANSI lumens / Low 11 ANSI lumens, UV light: 76 Mw / 7 Mw, Blue light: 18 lm / 3 lm, Green light: 40 lm / 8 lm, Red light: 35 lm / 8 lm, IR light: 150 mW / 32 mW. The maximum distances that can be reached are as follows: White light: 110 meters / 21 meters, Blue light: 16 meters / 6 meters, Green light: 41 meters / 17 meters, Red light: 40 meters / 17 meters. The runtimes are the following: White light: 3 h 45 min / 36 h, UV light: 5 h / 40 h, Blue light: 7h 30 min / 35 h, Green light: 8h 30 min / 39 h, Red light 4 h 30 min / 22 h, IR light 7h 45 min / 19 h. The dimensions are 166 mm x 27.3 mm x 36.6 mm while the weight is 190 g without battery.

The torch is powered by a single 18,650 rechargeable cell but alternatively it can be powered by two CR123A cells.

Light Source:White / Blue / Green /Red / IR / UV
Wavelength: – /450 nm /525 nm / 630 nm / 850 nm / 365 nm
Light Ouput: 300 lm / 18 lm / 40 lm / 35lm / 150 nw / 76 nw
Runtime: 3h 45min
Battery: 1 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery 
Max Beam Distance: 110 m 
Material: Aerospace Aluminum 
Finish: Type III Hard Anodizing
Diameter: 166 mm (length) x 27.3 mm (width) x 36.6 mm (height)
Weight: 190g / 6.7 oz (With Battery)
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Submersible: IPX 8 , 2 m