Nextorch P82 Ultra Long-range Flashlight

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The Nextorch P82 is a shooting torch capable of reaching a distance of 1100m. Among its main features there is that of having spheres and ceramics that allow you to use the flashlight as a glass breaker, the presence of a charging port Type the charging indicator is a One step strobe.

The Nextorch P82 is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a type III finish which allows it to have high resistance to wear, scratches and bad weather. Dimensions are 188.3mm long x 28.5mm body diameter x 60.8mm head diameter. The weight instead is 276 grams excluding battery. The water resistance is given according to the IPX7 standard while the shock resistance is given up to 1 m in height

The Nextorch P82 is powered by a 4800mAh rechargeable lithium ion 21700 battery which allows it to have a run time of over 85 hours when used on the lowest output level.

This flashlight has two side switches or a One step strobe and a modes switch. The first can be used in tactical environments or useful for law enforcement and allows you to instantly activate the strobe.The second switch or the mode switch allows the variation of the different output levels. This torch is equipped with a high optical density led with a round luminescent surface.

The head of the flashlight is quite wide but not excessively. Under the head there are small dissipation fins to disperse the heat efficiently when the flashlight is used on high levels. In the central part of the body and on the tele Cup there is a processing by means of knurling that increases grip and always provides a flawless grip even when using gloves, when you have wet hands, or if you have wet or sweaty hands. next to the two side switches there are also status indicators which provide information on the capacity status of the cell.

On the head of the torch, three ceramic balls allow the torch to be used in emergency situations as a glass breaker.

The Type C charging port that allows you to charge the battery inside the flashlight and hidden by the head. To discover the charging interface just unscrew the head slightly: In this way, the charging interface when not in use is always well protected from dust and splashes. The tail of the Nextorch P82 is flat so it is possible to use the torch in tailstanding as a candle. The beam of the Nextorch P82 is very directive and allows you to get very far, 1100 meters: ideal for Rescue for outdoor adventures or for search operations.

 The maximum luminous intensity is 302,500 candelas corresponding to a range of 1100 m for the high level, 104,000 candelas corresponding to a range of 645 m for the medium level and 8190 candelas corresponding to a range of 181 m for the low level.

•LED:HOD ( High optical density) LED
• Output:425 lm / 33 lm / 1200 lm / Momentary-on / Strobe
• Runtime:4 h 30 min / 85 h / 3 h 30 min / – / –
• Battery:1×21700 Battery
• Distance:645 m / 181 m / 1100 m / – / –
• Material:Aluminum Alloy
• Finish:Type Ⅲ Hard Anadizing
• Dimensions:188.3×28.5×60.8 mm
• Weight:276 g (Without Battery)
• Switch:2 x side switches
• Impact Resistance:1 m
• Water Resistance:IPX7