Nextorch P86 1600lm Electronic Whistle Flashlight

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Are you ready to experience a groundbreaking combination of safety and security? The NEXTORCH P86 1600lm Electronic Whistle Flashlight is here to provide you with a versatile and powerful tool that combines sound and light in one compact device. Whether you find yourself in traffic control, emergency and survival situations, or security roles, the P86 is the ultimate solution you've been waiting for. The P86 flashlight is not just any ordinary light source; it's a multifunctional device that can help you navigate the dark and get you noticed in a critical situation. With a staggering 1600 lumens of brightness, this flashlight can illuminate your surroundings with remarkable clarity, extending up to 305 meters. Whether you're in the great outdoors, conducting search and rescue operations, or simply looking for a dependable light source, the P86 has got you covered. But what sets the P86 apart is its innovative electronic whistle, producing a formidable 120 decibels of sound with 360-degree output. In emergency situations or when you need to alert others, this whistle is a powerful tool that can't be ignored. It ensures that your calls for help are heard, even in noisy environments. In addition to its impressive features, the P86 offers an exceptional 60-hour runtime, ensuring that it will keep shining when you need it most. Whether you're in the field for an extended period or simply want a reliable flashlight that doesn't require frequent recharging, the P86's long-lasting battery life will not disappoint. The P86 is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring LED battery indicators that keep you informed about the battery's status. No more guessing or being caught off guard; the P86 ensures that you're always aware of the remaining battery life. This feature adds a layer of reassurance, allowing you to plan and prepare accordingly. The P86 flashlight offers a range of lighting modes to suit your needs in various situations. It provides four different modes, including Momentary On, Medium, Low, and High. With a maximum output of 1600 lumens, you can choose the ideal lighting intensity to match your specific requirements. Each mode has its own runtime and beam distance, ensuring that you can tailor the P86's performance to the task at hand. Whether you need a focused beam for close work or a powerful, long-range spotlight, the P86's versatility has you covered. The P86 is built to withstand the rigors of demanding situations. Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, this flashlight is both lightweight and rugged, making it easy to carry and exceptionally durable. The light source features an advanced LED that provides reliable and consistent performance. This combination of materials and technology ensures that the P86 is a tool you can depend on. Safety is paramount, and the P86 is equipped with self-defense features that are sure to give you peace of mind. The nano-ceramic Strike Bezel is integrated into the design, allowing you to protect yourself when the need arises. In emergency situations, having a tool like the P86 can make all the difference. The P86 offers independent switches for both the electronic whistle and the white light. This separation of controls makes it easy to activate the functions you need without fumbling or confusion. In situations where every second counts, the P86 ensures that you can quickly access the tool you require. The P86 is designed to excel in challenging environments. It is impact-resistant up to 2 meters, ensuring its durability even if it's dropped accidentally. Furthermore, the P86 boasts an impressive IPX7 rating, making it submersible in water up to 1 meter. This level of protection means that the flashlight remains operational, even when exposed to wet and rainy conditions. When the elements are at their worst, the P86 is at its best.  The P86's dimensions make it a portable and easily carried tool. With a length of 160 mm and a head size of 37 mm, this flashlight fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to store in a pocket or bag. Its lightweight design, with a weight of 191 g (6.73 oz) without the battery, ensures that it won't weigh you down during your activities.

The NEXTORCH P86 1600lm Electronic Whistle Flashlight is a powerful and versatile tool that is a game-changer in the world of flashlights. With its combination of intense light output, an electronic whistle, exceptional battery life, and rugged design, it's the perfect companion for a wide range of applications, from outdoor adventures to security and emergency situations.

ANSI/PLATO-FL1 Momentary On Medium Low High
Light Output 1600 lm 240 lm 25 lm 1600 lm
Run Time   6 h 30 min 60 h 2h 15 min
 Beam Distance   110 m 35 m 305 m
 Beam Intensity   3025 cd 306 cd 23256 cd

Sound intensity
120 dB
Impact Resistance 2 m
Waterproof IPX7,1m
 Weight and
Weight: 191 g/6.73 oz(Without Battery)
Dimensions: 160 mm (Length)× 37 mm (Head)×28 mm(Body)
Material Light Source: LED
Aluminum Alloy
Battery One 18650