Nextorch UT41 Multi-Function Rechargeable Signal Light

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The Nextorch UT41 is a small EDC flashlight made entirely of polycarbonate. This light is equipped with a built-in 500 milliampere rechargeable battery and a type-c charging port. This torch is equipped with six different light sources and has 13 different modes of use: Via is a main white light that can emit a maximum light intensity of 20 lumens with an autonomy of two hours in constant mode but it also has other levels which allow it to reach up to 20 hours of autonomy such as the 9 lumens yellow LED. 

This torch is designed to be used in all weather conditions in fact this torch is water resistant to standard 8 therefore submersible for short intervals of time at a depth of 2m and is drop resistant up to 2m high. Its dimensions are 62mm x 27mm x 25mm (length/width/height) and a weight of 29g (1.02oz). The luminous outputs are many and also the output levels are several: In addition to the 20 lumens white LED there are also colored LEDs including the red blue yellow green one and also a useful infrared LED with a wavelength of 850 nm. In addition to this next touch has also added a red blue flashing mode ideal for reporting and for law enforcement. 

The built-in Li-ion battery is 500 milliamps and can be charged through the type-c charging port on the body. There are also status LEDs which allow you to instantly know the residual capacity of the cell. 

The interface is managed by two different switches that allow you to interact with all the available functions of this torch. The two switches are large and allow you to use the light easily. The left switch allows you to turn the flashlight on and off while the right one allows you to control the light source. 

You can also scroll through the different light sources in red blue yellow green white infrared red and blue flashing mode and there is even the option to memorize the last used output level without having to scroll through the options when you turn the light on again. The flashlight also comes with a stainless steel clip that can be attached to any type of clothing. Given the extremely small size of this flashlight, it is easily transportable inside the pocket or can also be inserted inside a bunch of keys to always have it at hand. 

Given the multiple light sources, this torch can be used for different scenarios, in fact it is useful both as a signaling torch and as an EDC torch for everyday use or even for specific uses thanks to the different colored beams with which the torch is equipped

ANSI/PLATO-FL1 Light Output Run Time
Constant on Flash
Red Light 3lm 18h 90h
Blue Light 2lm 16h 86h
Yellow Light 9lm 20 h 113h
Green Light 12lm 18h 95 h
Whiite Light 20 lm 12h 62 h
IR Light 850 nm 13h 75 h
Red & Blue Flash     56 h
Impact Resistance 2m
Submersible IPX8, 2m
Weight and Dimensions Weight: 29 g /1.02 oz Size: 62 mm (Length) * 27 mm (Width) x 25 mm (Height)
Light Source White I Red / Blue / Green I Yellow / IR LEDs
Material PC
Battery Built-in 500 mAh Rechargeable Battery