Nitecore LR40 Multifunctional USB-C Rechargeable Camping Lantern

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The nitecore LR40 is a lantern-shaped camping torch, rechargeable and with a maximum output of 100 lumens. Its maximum runtime when operated on its lowest output level is 65 hours, which is approximately 2.7 days. This flashlight also features a special SOS flashing mode for use in emergency situations. This is a flashlight, allows you to radiate a light beam with different shades of color. In fact, it is possible to select between warm light, cold light, neutral light and red light. The beam produced illuminates in all directions at 360 °, therefore it is possible to use this torch as if a small chandelier. The dimensions of this torch are 177 mm in length, 96 mm in height, 96 mm in width, while the weight is 222 grams. This torch is ideal for outdoor activities but also for camping. The management of The interface is ensured by a professional and precise rotary switch mounted on the top of the head. In fact, simply rotate this switch to change the light output. The power supply of the LR 40 is guaranteed by an internal 4000 mAh battery which allows have a maximum runtime of 65 hours when used on the low Warm White Light setting.

The output levels are divided as follows: As regards the warm light, we have a minimum brightness of 15 lumens with a run time of 45 hours and a maximum of 80 lumens as a runtime of 15 hours. As regards the White light, the brightness minimum is 15 lumens with a runtime of 38 hours, while the maximum of 50 lumens with a runtime of 10 hours. The warm White light, however, has a minimum level of 10 lumens with 80 years, 65 hours and a maximum level of 100 lumens, with an 8 hour runtime. The Red Lights level, on the other hand, has a maximum light intensity of 10 lumens. The internal battery is recharged via the type-C charging interface. There is also a USB-A port, therefore it is possible to use the flashlight even in dump mode as if it were a normal Power Bank to power any type of USB-compatible electronic device. The upper part of the body is made of ABS to be resistant to impacts and weather, while the lower part is made of metal and serves as a support base. This lantern is also equipped with a practical handle that allows the torch to be attached to any type of hook, to a tree branch or to the tent and also allows comfortable carrying in the hand. Next to the rotary switch there are LED status indicators that light up to indicate the amount of power remaining in the battery: When there is only one LED indicator lit it means that the battery is about 25%, when if there are two, it means that the cell is at 50%, if there are three, the cell capacity is approximately 75%, while when all 4 LEDs are on, it means that the cell capacity is approximately 100%.

Size: 117*96*96mm/4.61''*3.78''*3.78''(Handle not include)
Weight: 222g/7.83oz (Accessory not include)
Accessory: USB-C Charging Cable
Max Output: 100 Lumens
Max Runtime: 65 h 0 m / 2.7 d
Special Modes: SOS
Beam color: White Light, Warm White Light, Warm Light
Feature: Triple Output
Activity: Outdoor/Camping