Nitecore NL2153 5300mAh Rechargeable 21700 Battery

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The Nitecore NL2153 5300mAh Rechargeable 21700 Battery is an advanced power source designed to meet the demanding needs of high-drain devices. With an impressive 5300mAh capacity and a continuous 8A discharge current, this battery offers a reliable and long-lasting energy solution for a wide range of applications. In this description, we will explore the key features and advantages of the NL2153 battery.

The NL2153 boasts a substantial capacity of 5300mAh, providing a stable and extended power supply for your devices. Additionally, it features a continuous 8A discharge current, making it suitable for high-drain devices that require a consistent flow of power.

As a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the NL2153 is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. It can be recharged over 500 times, reducing the need for disposable batteries and contributing to sustainability efforts.

Nitecore prioritizes safety by incorporating an intelligent protective circuit and a pressure relief valve into the NL2153. These features guard against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, ensuring the safe operation of your devices.

The NL2153 battery features nickel-plated stainless steel cathode and anode components. These materials enhance the battery's durability, ensure efficient electrical conductivity, and protect against oxidation, contributing to its long-term reliability.

To withstand everyday wear and tear, the NL2153 battery is coated with a durable metallic film that enhances its resistance to abrasion, providing long-lasting performance. The NL2153 offers an impressive capacity of 5300mAh, operating at 3.6V and delivering 19.08Wh of energy. This battery has a diameter of approximately 21.5mm (0.85 inches) and a length of approximately 75.4mm (2.97 inches), making it compatible with devices designed for 21700 batteries. The NL2153 battery weighs approximately 71g (2.50 ounces), providing a lightweight and portable power solution.

Next-Generation Power Solution: The Nitecore NL2153 battery is designed to meet the energy demands of high-drain devices, making it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you use it for flashlights, electronic gadgets, or other power-hungry applications, this battery delivers reliable and consistent performance. Additionally, its rechargeable design and impressive capacity contribute to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

The NL2153 stands as a testament to the brand's reputation as a trusted provider of rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Upgrade your power source with the Nitecore NL2153, and experience the benefits of extended capacity, high discharge current, and peace of mind during usage. This battery is engineered to deliver reliable and long-lasting power for your high-performance devices.


Capacly:5.300mAh 3.6V(19.08Wn)

Diometer: 21.5±0.3mm/0.85±0.01


Weight: 71g/2.50oz