Nitecore NU50 Superior Performance High Capacity USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp

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The Nitecore NU50 is a small and powerful head torch to be used on various occasions. Given its particularly light weight and extremely small size, it is ideal for short walks in the open air but also as a torch for jogging and sports activities. The elastic band is comfortable and soft and the flashlight does not get tired even if it is worn for several hours. Its maximum reachable distance is 130 meters while the candles are 3800 cd. This means that the beam is wide but also has a slight spot that allows you to illuminate well even from a distance. This light has a powerful 4000mAh Li-ion battery inside which allows it to have a maximum runtime of 180 hours corresponding to 7.5 days when turned on at the lowest output level.

The head has two different emitters: a main white light LED for normal operations and an auxiliary red LED for emergency situations and for signaling. The dimensions are 83.4mm x 48.5mm x 43.9mm (3.28" x 1.91" x 1.73") while the weight is 146 g / 5.15 oz. The management of the interface is entrusted to two switches on the head. One allows the variation of the level of brightness while the other allows the passage from one emitter to another.

The maximum brightness of this light is 1400 lumens at Turbo.The cell inside this torch is a 21700 battery therefore maximum efficiency and reliability as well as a duration The output levels are divided as follows: low 100 lumens with a runtime of 31 hours, medium 300 lumens with a runtime of 16 hours and high 600 lumens with a runtime of 11 hours.The body is entirely made of material PC plastic which makes the torch very light and resistant to impacts and low temperatures.The cover of the LEDs and the reflector, on the other hand, is in aluminum to guarantee perfect heat dissipation and greater rigidity and durability.

The elastic band is very comfortable to wear: it has a silicone strip on the inside that prevents the light from slipping when it is mounted on helmets or when used on the head, there are also reflective inserts that light up and reflect light when we are in road illuminated by the fri of cars. The beam angle is 100 degrees, while the lens system allows up to 94% light passage. 

Under the lens there is an innovative detection system that allows you to decrease the brightness when there is an obstacle in front of the lens to avoid overheating. The light can also be tilted along its horizontal axis in this way it is possible to direct the beam right where it is needed . In the lower part there are also small blue status LEDs that allow the user to instantly know the amount of residual charge in the cell.

  • Superior performance high capacity USB-C rechargeable headlamp 
  • Max output of 1400 lumens
  • Red light Illumination designed for preserving the night vision 
  • Utilizes a unibody optical lens system with various facets for reflecting a uniform and soft light
  • Built-in 4,000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Built-in intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C charging port (5V-2A)
  • Designed with two buttons different in shape and touch, offering easy one-handed operation
  • 5 brightness levels, 2 light sources, and 3 special modes available 
  • Designed with 4 power Indicators to inform the remaining battery power 
  • Made from durable PC material with an aluminum alloy front housing 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Impact resistant to 2 meters
  • Waterproof and dustproof rating in accordance with IP68

Max Output 1,400 lumens
Max Beam Distance 130 m
Max Beam Intensity 3,800 cd
Max Runtime 180 h 0 m / 7.5 d
Battery Built-in 4,000mAh Li-ion Battery
Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS
Beam color White Light, Red Light
Dimensions 83.4mm x 48.5mm x 43.9mm
(3.28" x 1.91" x 1.73")
Weight 146 g / 5.15 oz