Nitecore SRT6i USB-C Rechargeable Smart Ring Tactical Flashlight

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The Nitecore SRT6i is a linear torch in the 21700 format which can be powered by a high capacity rechargeable 21700 lithium cell but which alternatively can also be powered by two CR123 cells or two RCR123 cells. This torch has an output that reaches 2100 lumens with its highest level and is capable of reaching a maximum range of 510 meters. The SRT6i is a target torch and its maximum light output is 65,200 candelas when used at Turbo. Thanks to the powerful and performing battery it is equipped with, this torch has a maximum runtime of 70 hours equal to 2.91 days. The dimensions are Length 163 mm / 6.42 in, Head Size 40 mm / 1.57 in while the weight is 167 g / 5.89 oz.

The Nitecore SRT6i is equipped with a latest generation smart selection ring and in addition it has two tactical tail switches for one-handed use and direct access to the strobe to the Turbo and for the use of the flashlight in tactical environments.

In fact, by turning the rotary switch it is possible to switch from tactical mode to Turbo with Tactica Momentary Illuminatio, to the Turbo level of 2100 lumens, Medium of 300 lumens, Low Level 30 lumens and finally to the Lockout of the interface to avoid possible accidental ignitions. The double tail switch makes this light easy and intuitive to use and especially useful for law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications.

The new belt clip locking system allows you to hook or unhook the clip from the flashlight at will by simply turning the locking ring.

The Type C charging port is located near the head and is well protected by a thick rubber cap.

The optical system with which it is equipped combined with the ultra-transparent lens guarantee high luminous efficiency. On the torch there is also a power indication which provides information on the battery status. The flashlight is also equipped with a Type-C charging socket. A 5000mAh 21700i model NL2150HPi cell is included in the package. The built-in constant current circuit allows you to have an output that is always stable and does not decrease over time as the cell voltage decreases. In this way it is possible to have an output that is always the same until the cell is completely discharged.

The Bezel can also be used in emergency situations as a glass breaker. The optical lens has double anti-reflection treatment and is also resistant to scratches - The flashlight is entirely made of HA type III anodized aviation aluminum with hard anodizing. It is water resistant according to the IP68 standard therefore submersible up to 2 meters deep while it is resistant to impact up to 2 meters high. The package is complete with everything and includes, in addition to the flashlight, a 5000 mAh NL2150HPi cell, an adapter for CR123 cells, a Nylon holster for transport, spare o-rings, belt clip, Type-C charging cable and lanyard .

    Max Output 2,100 Lumens
    Max Beam Distance 510 Meters
    Max Beam Intensity 65,200 cd
    Max Runtime 70 h 0 m / 2.91 d
    Battery 1 × 21700i, 2 × CR123, 2 × RCR123
    Special Modes Strobe
    Beam color White Light
    Length 163 mm / 6.42 in
    Head Size 40 mm / 1.57 in
    Weight 167 g / 5.89 oz
    Feature STROBE READY, Rechargeable, Tail Stand, Smart Selector Ring
    Activity Gear, Law Enforcement, Search, Outdoor/Camping