Nitecore TIKI/TIKI LE 300 Lumen EDC Keychain Flashlight

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The NITECORE TIKI and TIKI LE are a pair of compact, versatile keychain lights that pack a punch far beyond their diminutive size. These miniature torches are designed to be your trusty companions, providing essential lighting functions, UV detection, high color rendering, and even emergency signaling capabilities. In this detailed description, we'll delve into the features, technical specifications, and potential applications of these remarkable keychain lights. The NITECORE TIKI and TIKI LE are incredibly compact, keychain-sized lights that deliver an impressive 300 lumens of brightness and offer a variety of useful lighting options. They are designed for convenience, portability, and versatility. Let's take a closer look at their standout features: 300 lumens of maximum brightness, USB-C rechargeable for added convenience, TIKI features a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of ≥90 LED and a 500mW UV LED. TIKI LE features Red and Blue LEDs, Built-in Li-ion battery with a USB-C charging port, Simple one-handed, single-button interface, IP66 water resistance rating and 1-meter impact resistance, Lightweight and portable, designed for everyday carry, Multiple lighting modes for various applications, Compact and Lightweight

The NITECORE TIKI and TIKI LE are designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, making them ideal for everyday carry. The TIKI weighs in at a mere 0.42 ounces, ensuring that it won't weigh down your keychain or pocket. Despite their small size, these keychain lights pack a powerful punch with their impressive 300 lumens of maximum brightness, offering substantial illumination for their size.

Both the TIKI and TIKI LE are equipped with USB-C rechargeable Li-ion batteries, making it convenient to charge them. With a simple USB-C cable, you can easily recharge your keychain light, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and ensuring that your light is always ready when you need it. The TIKI can run for up to 40 hours on a single charge, providing you with reliable and extended usage.

One of the standout features of the TIKI and TIKI LE is their versatility in lighting modes. With a simple one-handed, single-button interface, you can easily cycle through the available lighting options. Here's a closer look at what each model offers:

High CRI (Color Rendering Index) Light: This mode provides a high CRI white light that is ideal for activities such as reading and camping. UV Light: The TIKI features a UV light that delivers 500mW of power. This UV light is essential for detecting stains, fake IDs, and counterfeit bills, making it a valuable tool for security personnel. High CRI Flash: This mode offers a high CRI white light with a flashing pattern, which can be useful in various scenarios.

TIKI LE (Red and Blue LEDs): Red Light: The red LED mode provides 3 lumens of illumination, perfect for preserving night vision or discreetly reading in low-light conditions.

Blue Light: The blue LED mode offers 0.8 lumens of illumination, making it suitable for various tasks. R/B Flash (Red and Blue Flashing): This mode activates both the red and blue LEDs in a flashing pattern, ideal for signaling and grabbing attention in emergency situations. The NITECORE TIKI and TIKI LE are versatile and can be applied to a wide range of situations and tasks: Everyday Carry: With their compact and lightweight design, these keychain lights are perfect for everyday carry, ensuring that you always have a reliable light source at hand. Emergency Signaling: The TIKI LE's red and blue flashing mode can be invaluable in emergency situations, helping you signal for help or grab the attention of others. Reading and Camping: The high CRI white light mode is ideal for reading and camping, providing natural and comfortable illumination. Security and Detection: The UV light in the TIKI is an excellent tool for security personnel, helping to detect stains, fake IDs, and counterfeit bills. Preservation of Night Vision: The red LED in the TIKI LE is suitable for preserving night vision while navigating in the dark. The NITECORE TIKI and TIKI LE are more than just keychain lights; they are versatile and practical tools that provide essential lighting functions for a wide range of applications. With their compact design, USB-C recharging, and various lighting modes, these keychain lights are built to meet your everyday lighting needs. Whether you need a powerful and compact illumination source, UV detection capabilities, or emergency signaling tools, the TIKI and TIKI LE are ready to assist you in any situation. Their lightweight and portable design ensures that they are always at your fingertips, making them a valuable addition to your everyday carry essentials.

    Included in the Box

    • Nitecore TIKI Keychain Light
    • Keychain Clasp

    Maximum Brightness: 300 lumens
    Peak Beam Distance: 77 yards
    Peak Beam Intensity: 1260 cd
    IP Rating: IP66
    Impact Resistance: 1 m
    Dimensions: L-2.16" x W-0.57" x H-0.57"
    Weight: 0.42 oz
    High 300 lumen 30 min
    Mid 60 lumen 1 hr
    Low 15 lumen 4 hr
    Ultralow 1 lumen 40 hr
    UV 500mW 45 min
    CRI 22 lumen 1 hr 30 min
    CRI Flash 22 lumen 20 hr
    Red LED 3 lumen 1 hr
    Blue LED 0.8 lumen 45 min
    R/B Flash -- 1 hr 45 min