Olight Baton 3 Pro Max 2500 Lumen EDC Flashlight

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The Olight Baton 3 Pro Max is an EDC flashlight in the 21700 format and therefore powered by a 21700 cell with a 5000mAh capacity which allows it to have really high runtimes. This torch, despite being very small and compact, is also very powerful, in fact it is able to generate a turbo of over 2500 lumens and reach a maximum distance of 145 meters. The body is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum which gives it high strength qualities and abrasion resistance but also a high resistance to corrosion and scratches. The body is entirely covered with a knurling process that guarantees an always perfect grip even if your hands are damp or wet. The switch is electronic and placed near the head. It is easy to activate with your thumb when the light is in your hand. The switch is rubberized, electronic and very sensitive to the touch. Inside, a small status LED returns information on the state of progress of the charge and on the residual capacity of the cell: when it lights up green, it means that the cell capacity is greater than 60%, if it lights up orange, it means that the cell capacity is between 10% and 60%, if it lights up red it means that the cell capacity is less than 10% therefore the time has come to change or recharge the battery.

The flashlight is equipped with an electric blue double-way belt clip that recalls the blue color of the bezel. The grip on clothes is excellent: it is therefore possible to connect this flashlight via the clip to belts, backpacks, caps, pockets, clothing, etc. The flashlight is also equipped with a small proximity sensor that allows you to reduce the brightness of the light when an obstacle is detected and automatically restore the brightness when the obstacle is no longer present. This proximity sensor further increases the safety of the flashlight and prevents possible damage caused by heat when, for example, you carry the flashlight in a backpack without first locking it electronically. The Olight Baton 3 Max is available for sale with three different purchase options: there is a cold light version, a warm light version and a neutral light version. Water resistance is given by the IPX8 standard in fact the torch can resist up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes. The battery is recharged via the custom USB cable supplied which also acts as a charging base. On the USB charging cable there is a status LED which provides information on the progress of the charging: it lights up red during the charging phase and turns green when the charge is complete. The charger model is the MCC3. The package also comes with an L-shaped support for storing the flashlight so that it is always easy to find: it is made of stainless steel and can be connected to surfaces by means of a strong adhesive with which it is equipped.

    MAX OUTPUT: 2500 lumens
    MAX THROW: 145 meters
    Battery: 21700
    Black, OD Green: 5.22oz/148g (Including Battery)
    Desert Tan: 4.73oz/134g (Including Battery)
    Black: Aluminum Alloy
    OD Green: Aluminum Alloy
    Desert Tan: Magnesium Alloy
    4.49in/114mm(Length)*1.02in/26mm(Head Diameter)*1.02in/26mm(Body Diameter)


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    Kurt Marsan
    Bright Light

    Damn this little light throws off a massive amount of light!