Olight H05S LED Headlamp

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The Olight H05S is a small headlamp with a power of 200 lumens ideal for everyday use and with the possibility of being controlled by gesture controls. It is powered by two very common alkaline AAA cells to be found in shops and even supermarkets. It is therefore not powered by lithium cells so it does not require a particular charger, the classic disposable AAAs can be used but also the Ni-Mh rechargeable AAAs. Olight guarantees compatibility with all the following types of cells: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included), 2 AAA carbon batteries (compatible), 2 AAA lithium-iron batteries (compatible).

The available output levels of the H05S are only three: High from 200 lumens which can be maintained for 30 minutes after which you will have a step down on a lower 25% less powerful and with which the flashlight can remain on for up to 90 minutes. ; the medium level of 50 lumens which allows the flashlight to remain on for 4 consecutive hours, and the low level of 10 lumens with a runtime of 20 hours.

The maximum distance reached by the Olight H05S on the High level is 60 meters and the maximum luminous intensity is 1000 cd. The flashlight is also resistant to water according to the IPX2 standard and to falls up to 1 meter in height.

Its dimensions are 58.3 mm x 36.5 mm x 33.8mm / 2.30 in x 1.44 in x 1.33 in while the weight is 67.5g / 2.38oz (batteries included). When you wear it, the flashlight is so light and comfortable that you forget you are wearing it. The elastic nylon headband makes this headlamp comfortable and safe to wear. In addition, the headband can be easily adjusted at will according to the size of your head.

The use of the interface is very simple: the H05S has two different operating modes. In fact, it can be controlled by gestural control by simply using the movement of the hands and can be managed in a classic way using the buttons. Gesture control can be enabled or disabled at will by pressing and holding the switch for more than a second while the light is on. To confirm this, the flashlight will flash twice.

The switch is located at the top of the flashlight, is easy to access and is very responsive to the click. When the flashlight is used a click on the switch turns the flashlight to high white light or solid red light based on the last level previously. To change the brightness while the light is on, a simple click is enough to scroll through the High Medium, Low and OFF levels of the white light, or Steady red, Flashing red, Off of the red light. With a double click instead you switch from white to red light and vice versa.

Gesture control is also very simple to use: from the flashlight just wave your hand in front of the flashlight to enter standby mode. When the flashlight is in standby, on the other hand, just wave your hand in front of the level previously used. Note: the hand wave must be performed at a distance of no more than 20 cm otherwise the proximity sensor will not be able to perceive the movement. If using switch controlled mode is enabled while any gesture control, the latter will be disabled for 1 second to avoid any kind of interference.

Waterproof: IPX2
Weight: 2.38 oz (67.5 g)
Height: 1.33 in (33.8 mm)
Length: 2.30 in (58.3 mm)
Width: 1.44 in (36.5 mm)
Use: Night Running, Camping & Climbing, Repairing & Working, Riding, Fishing, Dog Walking

H05S (Including the headlamp strap) x 1
AAA Alkaline Battery (Included) x 2
User Manual x 1