Olight Haloop Rechargable Camping Metal Light

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The Olight Haloop is a rechargeable flashlight to be mounted on umbrellas but not only. With a particular design reminiscent of a small UFO, the Olight Haloop can be used for multiple scenarios and allows users who use it to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. This flashlight offers the possibility of using two different colors of light: one white and one orange that can be combined with each other through a dimmer switch, continuously varying the output from 10 lumens to 600 lumens with a maximum light intensity of 260 candles. In this way it is possible to choose the preferred light intensity and create the desired atmosphere for any occasion. Haoop uses 6 filament LEDs for orange light and one LED strip for white light as a light source. The design of the Olight Haloop is elegant and rounded: this light is very versatile and allows 360 degree lighting. Thanks to the central hole, the Olight Haloop can be installed on any pole, for example on the tube of an umbrella. Esa is highly adapted and easy to assemble: the Haloop easily fits poles with diameters ranging from 0.79 inches to 2.17 inches ( from 20 mm to  55 mm.), so it is perfect for parasols, awnings, pyramid tents and much more. But not only that, because if there is not a round pole around you can use the round adapter and the straps included in the package to attach the Olight Haloop wherever you want. In addition, the Olight Haloop has a practical handle. Using the supplied stainless steel hook it is possible to hang it as if it were a chandelier in a stable way. In the lower part there is also the thread to install the Olight Haloop on a tripod.

The Olight Haloop is powered by an 8800 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (18500 * 4 / 1S4P / 3.6V / 8800 mAh / 31.68 Wh) which can be exploited thanks to the bidirectional type-c charging interfaces as a normal powerbank to power any electronic device such as smartphone or tablet. The Olight Haloop can charge an iPhone 13 up to three times for example! When this multifunctional flashlight acts as both a chandelier and a backup power bank, it is ideal for use in the open air or for camping, for example.

The Olight Haloop is made from a metal body and a scratch and wear resistant polycarbonate lens, a protective metal cover. The switch knob is rotating and allows you to dim the brightness of the light. Water resistance is guaranteed according to the IPX5 standard and the light is tested to easily handle any difficult outdoor situation. The internal battery can be recharged via 18W USB-C charging in just 3.5 hours. The dimensions are 8.03 in (204 mm) in length and 3.80 in (96.5 mm) in height while the weight is 33.5 oz (950 g). The package as a whole includes the Olight Haloop light with integrated 8800 mAh battery, two attachment straps, retention strap adapter, type-C charging cable and multilingual user manual.