Olight i3E EOS LED Keychain Flashlight

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The Olight i3E EOS is a small EDC flashlight for everyday use and is the ideal choice for those looking for a light, easy to carry and affordable light. The Olight i3E EOS comes with a single AAA battery included in the package and is not compatible with lithium battery. Non-rechargeable primary cells of the alkaline type or rechargeable Ni-MH cells can be used for the power supply. The output level of the Olight i3E EOS is only one: It has an output of 90 lumens with an autonomy of 1h and 10 minutes when Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are used or 45 minutes when alkaline batteries are used. The Olight i3E EOS is equipped with a powerful and performing Philips LUXEON TX LED which combined with the TIR lens produces a soft, balanced beam without strange artifacts. Its maximum power allows it to reach an output level of 90 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 44 meters and a maximum luminous intensity of 500 candles. The Olight i3E EOS is a useful and compact flashlight thanks to its power and its compact size. The body is made entirely of anodized aluminum and is resistant to shocks, scratches and bad weather. There is no switch so to turn the flashlight on or off, just rotate the head of the flashlight which then acts as a rotary switch. The user interface is very simple as there is only one output level and there are no special stroboscopic levels either. The head has a series of horizontal knurls that allow you to increase grip and always have a perfect grip even if you use gloves or if your hands are damp or wet. The lettering is well centered and has no smudges. At the tail there is a small hole that allows you to insert key rings inside and therefore allows you to attach the torch to any type of set of keys to always be carried with you

The beam produced is wide and diffused and is perfect for close-up lighting thanks to the TIR-type reflector or total reflection. Water resistance is given according to the standard therefore it is not afraid of splashes, rain and bad weather. The weight is 19.4 / 0.68 Weight (g / oz), the Length 60.5 / 2.38 (mm / in), the diameter of the head 14 / 0.55 (mm / in), The diameter of the body 12.5 / 0.49 (mm / in). The package includes: 1x Olight I3E Flashlight, 1x Keychain Ring, 1x Olight LiFe AAA 1.5V Battery.

Given the very small dimensions and the very light weight, this torch is ideal to be always carried with you and used on any occasion. It can always be kept in your pocket, inside a pouch or attached to your car keys and house keys. It is so small that you forget you have it

MAX OUTPUT: 90 lumens
MAX RUNTIME: 70 min (NiMh) 45 min (Alkaline)
CHARGE TYPE: Optional charger
MAX THROW: 44 meters
Length: 2.38 in/60.5 mm
Head Diameter: 0.55 in/14 mm
Body Diameter: 0.49 in/12.5 mm
WEIGHT: 0.68 oz/19.4 g
BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy
DROP TEST: 1.5 meters