Olight I5T Plus LED Flashlight

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The Olight I5T Plus is a small EDC flashlight with a long and narrow shape, perfect to keep in your pocket and to be carried with you everywhere. Its maximum brightness is 550 lumens. Olight makes it available for purchase with three different emitters: Neutral White (NW from 4000-5000K), cold white CW from 5700K to 6700K and warm white WW from 2700K to 3700K.

Extremely compact in size, the Olight I5T Plus can be powered by two AA cells that can be easily purchased in any shop or even in supermarkets. Two 1.5V AA non-rechargeable alkaline cells are supplied in the package. Furthermore Olight also guarantees compatibility with 2 x AA NiMH battery and 2 x AA Lithium-iron battery.

 The I5T Plus is the updated version of the Oligh I5T: the maximum runtime is now 54 hours at 15 lumens while the weight is only 89 grams / 3.14 ounces. The maximum distance that can be reached is 87 meters thanks to the maximum light intensity on the High level of 1900 candles.

The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy, it is resistant to water according to the IPX8 standard and to falls up to 1.5 meters in height. It is available for purchase in different colors: blue, orange, black and green OD. It is also possible to buy the Olight i5T Plus also with two different designs with different body knurling. The double helix milling and the pebble engravings, as well as making the Olight I5T aesthetically beautiful, improve the grip by increasing the grip which is always perfect in any condition, even with damp or wet hands.

The LED of the Olight i5T Plus combined with the PMMA optical lens allows to produce a wide and homogeneous beam without any artifact. The output levels are only two: the High level with output equal to 550 ~ 300 ~ 55 lumens and an autonomy of 3 + 30 + 130 minutes, and the Low level with 15 lumens and an autonomy of 54 hours. On the other hand, there are no flashing levels such as Strobo, SOS or Beacon.

The dimensions of the Olight i5T Plus are: body diameter 0.7 in / 17.8 mm, length 5.71 in / 145 mm while the weight is 3.14 ounces (89 g) (including pocket clip and batteries).

The user interface is very simple: when the light is turned on for the first time it will turn on in Low mode by default. The Olight i5T Plus also has the momentary on: just press the switch lightly with the flashlight off to turn on the flashlight. Release the switch to turn off the light. To switch from momentary low to high mode, press the switch lightly and quickly without clicking, release the button and press again without clicking.

Fully press the switch until it clicks to turn on the flashlight in constant mode. To switch from low to constant high level, just switch on the flashlight within two seconds of switching off: in this way, if you were in low mode, you will switch to high mode and vice versa. If the light is turned on again after two seconds it will turn on directly in Low mode as default configuration.


> Lumens: 550
> Compatible Batteries: 2 x AA
> Flashlight Usage: Every Day Carry
> Throw Distance (Max): 87m
> Switch Location: Tailcap
> Product Certifications: ANSI
> Brand: Olight
> Warranty: Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Olight 5 Year Warranty
> Return Policy: Battery Junction Return Policy
> Primary Material: Anodized Aluminum
> Product Weight: 3.14oz
> Product Dimensions: 5.71" (L) x 0.7" (Body Diameter)