Olight Marauder Mini High Power Flashlight

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The Olight Marauder Mini is a small and powerful flashlight for everyday use. It is the smallest of the Olight Marauder series of torches. These lights are characterized by their incredible power and compactness. In fact, this torch is no less as its Turbo power is 7000 lumens and its beam is able to reach the maximum range of 600 meters. The optical part of this flashlight is made up of 9 different LEDs that surround the center and guarantee 7 different levels of brightness. Three RGB LEDs are distributed evenly under the lens while a round LED in the center provides a spot beam that reaches very far. The Olight Marauder Mini is therefore able to generate a totally flood beam to illuminate short distances, a totally spot beam to illuminate at a distance and also provides a series of colored Red, Green and Blue beams to be used in different scenarios. To switch from one beam to another, it is possible to use the selector on the side. On the side there is a rotary switch that allows you to vary the brightness levels. Around the New switch there are LED indicators that allow you to understand the brightness level currently used or the battery level. In the center a LED status indicator allows you to understand if the white, red, green or blue light has been selected The LED status indicators on the right of the switch allow you to know the level of charge capacity of the current battery. The Flood beam is cool white and has a temperature of around 5500-6000K while the Spot beam is 5000-6000K both with a color rendering index of 70. The brightness levels are many and allow the user what he does to his case. Considering the Flood light we have 7 different levels divided as follows: L7 of 7000 lumens L6 of 3200 lumens, L5 of 1600 lumens, L4 of 800 lumens, L3 of 400 lumens, L2 of 200 lumens and L1 of 100 lumens. For the spot beam, the levels are as follows: L7 of 900 lumens, L6 of 700 lumens, L5 of 500 lumens, L4 of 300 lumens, L3 of 200 lumens, L2 of 100 lumens and L1 of 50 lumens. The red light has a maximum level of 200 lumens, the green one of 220 lumens and the red one of 120 lumens. The Olight Marauder Mini is powered by a customized 6500 mAh 3.7V 24 Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery which can be charged using the supplied MCC3 magnetic charging cable. The dimensions of the flashlight are 5.12 in (130 mm) in length, 2.58 in (65.6 mm) in head width, 1.73 in (44 mm) in body diameter while the weight is 16.3 oz (462 g) (including battery). Water resistance is given according to the IPX8 standard so the flashlight resists dirt and splashes and small immersions. The package includes the light Olight Marauder Mini, a user manual, nylon holster, wrist lanyard and  MCC3 magnetic charging cable

Material: A6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
Waterproof: IPX8
Weight: 16.3 oz (462 g) (Battery Included)
Length: 5.12 in (130 mm)
Head Diameter: 2.58 in (65.6 mm)
Body Diameter: 1.73 in (44 mm)
Use: Outdoors, Search and rescue, Law enforcement