Olight Olantern Music LED Lantern Lights

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The Olantern Music by Olight is not your ordinary flashlight. It's a revolutionary device that combines illumination and music, making it the perfect companion for parties, campouts, and gatherings of all kinds. With its innovative features and versatile design, the Olantern Music is set to become your go-to device for entertainment and lighting.

Say goodbye to the days of carrying two separate devices to your parties or campouts. With the Olantern Music, Olight introduces its FIRST combination of illumination and music. Now, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in a single, compact device. Illuminate your surroundings while setting the mood with your favorite tunes, all from one device.

The Olantern Music takes entertainment to the next level with its True Wireless Stereo (TWS) capability. When two Olantern Musics are used in tandem, they create a synchronized audio experience that's perfect for family movie nights or impromptu karaoke sessions. Immerse yourself in rich, high-quality sound as you enjoy your favorite films or sing along to your favorite songs.

Customize your lighting experience with the Olantern Music's stepless dimming feature. By turning the knob clockwise, you can gradually transition the light from warm to cool white, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you prefer a cozy warm glow or a crisp cool light, the Olantern Music provides precise control over your lighting.

The Olantern Music is part of Olight's family of versatile lighting solutions. The Obulb Pro S Grey, another member of this family, offers app-controlled stepless dimming, smart and colorful light, with a maximum output of 240 lumens and an incredible runtime of up to 156 hours. It's the ideal choice for nightlights, camping adventures, roadside emergencies, decorative lighting, and entertaining gatherings. With its compact and portable design, you can take the Obulb Pro S Grey wherever you go, ensuring you always have the perfect light at your fingertips.

In addition to lighting solutions, Olight also offers practical tools like the Mettle 2 OD Green. This versatile folding pocket tool is crafted from 154CM stainless steel and features a micarta handle. Whether you're in the great outdoors or tackling everyday tasks, the Mettle 2 is your reliable companion. It's a testament to Olight's commitment to providing high-quality products that meet a wide range of needs.

The Olight Olantern Music is a game-changing device that combines the convenience of illumination with the joy of music. Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a night under the stars, or simply need reliable lighting, the Olantern Music has you covered. With its TWS capability, stepless dimming, and high-quality sound, it's the ultimate companion for entertainment and lighting needs. And with Olight's commitment to quality and versatility, you can trust that the Olantern Music is a device designed to enhance your experiences and brighten your moments.

Body Material: Metal, Mesh Cover
GENERAL DATA: Beam Distance
360-Degree Lighting Distribution
Max Performance: 300 lumens
Charging Type: Type-C Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Built-in 3.6V 11200mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack (4 x 18650)
Light Source: Warm LEDs (2000~2100K), White LEDs (5000~5500K)
Mode Operation: Rotary Knob Switch
Waterproof: IPX5
Weight: 34.57 oz (980 g)
Height: 9.06 in (230 mm)
Diameter: 4.88in (124 mm)