Olight Open Pro Penlight With Green Pointer

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The Olight Open Pro is an EDC pen for everyday use that features both an LED light source and a green laser to use as a pointer. This light is suitable for both writing but can be used as a torch for any occasion and thanks to the presence of a visible green laser pointer it can be used as a pointer during presentations in the office or outdoors. This pen is very similar to the Open2 but differs in the even more ergonomic and comfortable grip and in the fact that the light has been moved to the clip. The Olight Open Pro can essentially be divided into two parts: a part containing the flashlight and the laser and a part containing the ink cartridge. The closing and opening system of the pen is of the bolt action type similar to that of long-range sniper weapons. By pushing the lever down and locking it to the right, it is possible to pull out the tip of the pen for writing. While by moving the lever to the left, the pen will automatically return to its seat. If, on the other hand, the lever is pushed upwards, the light will turn on. If you continue to push upwards, the brightness level varies, while if you keep the lever pressed upwards, you access the green LASER light. This characteristic makes it unique and with an attractive design. The body is entirely made of military aluminum which makes this pen incredibly resistant to bad weather and abrasion. The LED torch produces a beam of light with variable power between 4 lumens and 120 lumens while the maximum runtime is 8 hours. The Olight Open Pro is powered by an internal, non-removable rechargeable lithium-ion cell. Its capacity is 110mAh, the voltage is 3.7V and the total power is 407mWh. The dimensions of this EDC pen are similar to those of a classic writing pen while the weight is only 35 grams or 1.23oz including battery and ink refill cartridge. The product is available in two different colors: blue and black. It comes in an elegant plastic box with a transparent lid. It is also ideal as a gift idea for friends and relatives. Recharging the battery is done through the Type-C charging interface inside the pen body. To see the charging port, the body must be unscrewed. A small status LED lights up red during the charging phase and informs the user when the battery is fully charged. A full charge takes just 55 minutes.

    MAX OUTPUT: 120 lumens
    POWERED BY: 3.7V 110mAh/407mWh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Built-In)
    MAX RUNTIME: 8 hours
    CHARGE TYPE: USB Charging Cable (A-C)
    MAX THROW: 14 meters
    MODE OPERATION: Tail switch
    DIMENSIONS: Length: 6.02 in/153 mm (Tip Retracted)
    Body Diameter: 0.5 in/12.7 mm
    LIGHT SOURCE: High Performance Warm White LED (3000K)
    WEIGHT: 1.23 oz/35 g (Including Battery and Refill)
    BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy