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The Olight Perun mini is an extremely small and light flashlight with an angular "L" design. Despite its particularly small size, its maximum output is 1000 lumens. Being a very light flashlight, since the weight is only 52 including battery, it is ideal for sports such as jogging. This flashlight can be used for running for long periods without the user getting tired.
The optical part is composed of a high performance cool white LED which, thanks to the TIR lens (PMMA Optical Lens wide / broad beam), produces a clean and well balanced beam with a maximum brightness of 2500cd at Turbo. The maximum distance reached is 100m.
There is a single electronic switch on the head of the flashlight for switching on, off and varying the levels on the Olight Perun Mini. It is particularly large, easy to activate and very responsive to the touch. Finding it in total darkness is not a problem at all even if you are wearing particularly thick gloves.
The tail is flat so the flashlight can be placed safely on flat surfaces, in addition there is the presence of a powerful Neodymium magnet that allows the flashlight to be used without hands, for example attached to metal surfaces, both in vertical position and in position. horizontal.
On the tailcap there is also a small hole for inserting wrist straps, like the one included in the package.
The output levels are 5, plus two special SOS and Beacon levels.
The water resistance is IPX8 therefore submersible up to 2m deep, the impact resistance is 1.5 meters high.
The interface is very simple: with one click the flashlight turns on and off, holding the switch down you scroll through the different output levels, there is direct access to the Moonlight mode of only 2 lumens (hold the switch when the light is off) and also direct access to the Turbo (double click both with light on and off). The SOS mode, on the other hand, can also be activated directly simply with a triple click of the switch.
In addition to the possibility of physical lockout by slightly unscrewing the body from the head, the Olight Perun mini also allows the electronic lockout of the interface which prevents accidental switching on of the flashlight for example during transport and thus increases its safety.
The body is made entirely of anodized aluminum, it is resistant to wear and scratches. There is an aggressive knurling that allows the user to have an exceptional grip in any condition, even with wet hands.
The Olight Perun mini is supplied with a 550mAh rechargeable lithium battery model IMR16340.
To recharge the battery of the Perun Mini it is possible to use the classic Olight charging interface via the MCC 1A cable supplied. It is magnetic and can be positioned correctly simply by bringing it closer to the torch. A full charge takes less than 1 hour.

Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Beam Distance: 328 ft (100 m)
Max Performance: 1,000 lumens
Charging Type: MCC 1A Magnetic Charging
Compatible Batteries: Rechargeable Customized 550mAh 3.7V IMR16340
Max Light Intensity: 2,500 candela
Light Source: High Performance Cool White / Neutral White LED
Mode Operation: Front Switch

LEVEL 1: 1,000~250 lumens
Run time LEVEL 1: 1h+85 minutes
LEVEL 2: 250 lumens
Run time LEVEL 2: 98 minutes
LEVEL 3: 65 lumens
Run time LEVEL 3: 6 hours
LEVEL 4: 15 lumens
Run time LEVEL 4: 25 hours
LEVEL 5: 2 lumens
Run time LEVEL 5: 4.5 days

Waterproof: IPX8
Weight: 1.83 oz (52 g) (including battery)
Length: 2.42 in (61.5 mm)
Head Diameter: 0.83 in (21 mm)
Body Diameter: 0.81 in (20.6 mm)
Use: Everyday Carry, Car, Camping, Fishing, Household, General Use, Fishing, Climbing, Cave Exploration, Outdoor Activities, House Activities

What's include:
Perun Mini (battery included) x 1
Stainless Steel Pocket Clip x 1
MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Headband x 1
Duty Patch x 1
Pin Tool x 1
User Manual x 1