Olight Warrior X 4 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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The Olight Warrior X4 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is a formidable tool designed to defy the darkness and provide unparalleled illumination for warriors and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a maximum output of 2,600 lumens and an impressive 630 meters beam distance, the Warrior X4 strikes a perfect balance between spot and spill, enhancing visibility with a peak beam intensity of 99,310 candela. Equipped with a dazzling strobe function, this flashlight is purpose-built for those who demand superior performance in challenging environments.

The Warrior X4 offers two recharging options, supporting both Type-C and MCC recharging. A notable enhancement is the addition of a three-color indicator with a still vibration prompt, providing a more intuitive and comprehensive display of the battery life. This ensures that users can easily monitor the remaining power, allowing for timely recharging and preventing unexpected power depletion.

Featuring a seamless metal tail switch, the Warrior X4 offers a tactile and responsive experience. The new design allows for a soft or heavy tap, providing quick and clear lighting support based on the user's preference. The metal tail switch adds durability and reliability to the overall construction of the flashlight.

Adding to its user-friendly design, the Warrior X4 incorporates a carefree dust cover that conceals the battery indicator and the Type-C interface. By rotating it a quarter, users can effortlessly reveal these features, ensuring protection against dust and debris while maintaining accessibility when needed.

The package includes a portable holster that not only secures the Warrior X4 but also unlocks additional storing and carrying methods. This holster is designed for ease of use and ensures that the flashlight is readily available whenever needed, making it an essential accessory for those on the move.

Constructed with a durable aluminum alloy body, the Warrior X4 demonstrates Olight's commitment to quality and resilience. With a beam distance of 630 meters, it provides exceptional lighting performance, enabling users to see far and wide. The flashlight's peak beam intensity of 99,310 candela ensures that it excels in both spotlighting specific areas and casting a broad beam for enhanced peripheral vision.

In terms of lighting levels, the Warrior X4 offers Regular Mode High with a range of 2,600 to 300 lumens and a runtime of 3, 140, and 20 minutes. Regular Mode Low provides a steady 300 lumens for up to 8 hours, ensuring long-lasting illumination in less demanding situations. Tactical Mode offers Medium lighting with a range of 1,000 to 300 lumens and a runtime of 150 and 20 minutes. The flashlight also features a Strobe function with a frequency of 13Hz at 2,600 lumens.

The Warrior X4 boasts impressive technical characteristics, including an IPX8 waterproof rating, ensuring its reliability even in challenging weather conditions. With a weight of 8.78 ounces (including the battery) and dimensions of 5.87 inches in length, 1.56 inches in head diameter, and 1.02 inches in body diameter, the flashlight strikes a balance between portability and functionality.

In the package, users will find the Warrior X4 flashlight (battery included), a USB-C charging cable, a holster for convenient carrying, and a user manual for comprehensive guidance on maximizing the flashlight's features and capabilities. The Olight Warrior X4 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is a beacon of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design to deliver a lighting solution that empowers users in various scenarios.

Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Beam Distance: 2066 ft (630 m)
Max Performance: 2,600 lumens
Charging Type: Type-C Charging or MCC3 Magnetic Charging
Compatible Batteries: Customized 5000mAh 3.6V 21700 Rechargeable Battery
Max Light Intensity: 99,310 candela
Light Source: High Performance Cool White LED (5700-6700k)

Regular Mode High: 2,600~1,000~300 lumens
Run-time Regular High: 3 + 140 + 20 minutes
Regular Mode Low: 300 lumens
Run-time Regular Low: 8 hours
Tactical Mode Med: 1,000~300 lumens
Run-time Tactical Med: 150 + 20 minutes
Strobe: Yes, 13Hz at 2,600 lumens

Waterproof: IPX8
Weight: 8.78 oz (249 g) (Including Battery)
Length: 5.87 in (149 mm)
Head Diameter: 1.56 in (39.5 mm)
Body Diameter: 1.02 in (26 mm)

Warrior X 4 (Battery Included) x 1
USB-C Charging Cable x 1
Holster x 1
User Manual x 1