Olight Wyvern Stylish Bike Light

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The Olight Wyvern is a stylish flashlight designed exclusively to be mounted on a bicycle. it is ideal for sporting activities and is designed exclusively for use on the road, for urban cycle paths. This torch is equipped with a high-performance LED emitter that manages to produce 300 lumens in its highest output level and reach a distance of 80 m with a runtime of over 13 hours. This torch has been designed with an anti-reflection design, in fact it is equipped with a high power LED emitter that allows you to light up the road without dazzling other vehicles. Wrong beam allows with its size and its width to illuminate perfectly even laterally and this increases safety during night driving. On the torch there is an electronic switch that allows you to turn the light on or off, change the output and view information on the battery charge status. Thanks to the status LEDs, it is possible to instantly know the amount of residual capacity in the cell. The battery is recharged via a USB Type-C charging interface which allows the internal 2000 mAh battery to be charged in approximately 2.5 hours. The maximum autonomy using a low output level is 13 hours. Mounting on the bicycle is very simple, in fact it takes advantage of the Garmin universal support which allows you to attach or detach the torch from the handlebar in no time. This flashlight is available for sale in two different blue and pink colors. This torch is equipped with an XP 73 type LED which allows you to have a wide and bright balanced beam thanks also to the particular diffusive lens with which it is equipped. The output levels are divided as follows: High 300 lumens with an autonomy of 3.5 hours, medium 200 lumens with an autonomy of 5.5 hours, low 100 lumens with an autonomy of 11.5 hours, Slow flash of 100 lumens with an autonomy of 13 hours, rapid flash of 100 lumens with an autonomy of 12.5 hours.

Water resistance is given as per ipx 8 standard, Weight is 3.60oz(102g), Height 1.38inch(35mm), Length 4.21inch(107mm), Width 1.26 inch (32mm). The overall package includes: Wyvern x 1, Handlebar mount x 1, PVC foam sticker set x 1, Type-C charging cable x 1, User manual x 1.

OUTPUT: 300 lumens
RUNTIME: 3.5hours
DISTANCE: 80 meters
LIGHT INTENSITY: 2000 candela
Length: 4.21 in / 107 mm Width: 1.26 in / 32 mm Height: 1.38 in / 35 mm Weight: 3.60 oz / 102 g
WEIGHT: 3.60 oz / 102 g