Fenix WH23R Gesture Sense Work Headlamp

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The Fenix ​​WH23R is a gesture sense work headlamp, i.e. it is a front torch that can be controlled without touching it but directly with the movement of the hands. This torch is particularly convenient as a work torch when, for example, your hands are dirty and you cannot use a button to switch the light on or off. It is also very convenient in the industrial sector when using very thick gloves with which it would be impossible to have the right sensitivity to press a button. In all these cases this flashlight is really very useful. Furthermore, this torch is equipped with two different types of beam. We have a spot-type beam to illuminate long distances and a Fludd-type beam to illuminate short distances. These two beams can also be combined with each other to illuminate, both nearby and at a distance. The output levels are divided as follows: For the spot type light we have a 30 lumen level with a runtime of 25 hours and 57 minutes, an average level of 120 lumens with a runtime of 9 hours 3 32 minutes and a high level of 300 lumens with a runtime of 6 hours and 19 minutes. For the flood mode, however, the levels are divided as follows: low 5 lumens with an autonomy of 150 hours, medium 70 lumens with an autonomy of 15 hours and 36 minutes, high with 300 lumens and an autonomy of 6 hours and 19 minutes. While for the combined spot plus flood mode, on the other hand, there is a single 600 lumens tube level with an autonomy of 3 hours and 39 minutes. The dimensions of this flashlight are 86.45 mm long, 45 mm wide and 43.72 mm high, while the weight is 115 grams, including the battery. You are powered by a built-in 3.7 volt lithium polymer battery with 2000mAh capacity. To recharge the battery, just use the type C charging interface on the torch and the cable supplied. The Fenix ​​WH23R is equipped with two Luminus LEDs that allow you to reach a distance of 100 meters with 2280 candles. The body of the torch is entirely made of high-strength polymers that guarantee durability over time, resistance to bad weather, shocks and corrosion. The torch is classified as resistant to dust and splashes according to the IP66 standard, it is also oil resistant and shock resistant up to 2 m in height. This light is ideal for the toughest working conditions. When this light is mounted on the forehead, it can be tilted 60° to direct the beam where it is needed most. The opening of its beam is 160° to have a great field vision. On the front there are also some Status LEDs that allow you to know the residual capacities of the cell. On the side, however, there is the switch to turn the flashlight on and off. On the front, however, near the LEDs there are two movement sensors that allow you to understand when the user is moving his hand in front of the flashlight: when these sensors detect hand movement, they will allow the light to turn on.

ANSI/ PLATO FL1 OUTPUT LUMENS Spotlight Mode Floodlight Mode Spot+ Flood Turbo
Low Med High Low Med High
30 120 300 5 70 300 600
RUNTIME 25h 57min 9h 32min 6h 19m* 150h 15h 36min 6h 19m* 3h 39min*
DISTANCE 85ft (26m) 174ft (53m) 276ft (84m) 16ft (5m) 56ft (17m) 115ft (35m) 328ft (100m)
INTENSITY 175cd 689cd 1772cd 7cd 71 cd 309cd 2280cd
WATERPROOF/ DUSTPROOF IP66, dustproof/heavy splash/rain resistant
SIZE Length: 3.40" (86.45mm) Width: 1.77n (45mm) Height: 1.72" (43.72mm)
VOIGHT 4.06 oz. (115g) including battery
INCLUDED USB Type-C charging cable